Paul Magrs on Demon Quest

Demons, a treasure hunt through time and space and a supposedly light fingered housekeeper- Such barmy, brilliant events can only mean that Fourth Doctor Tom Baker is back, lending his delectable vocals once again to a new Who audiobook- Demon Quest.

Doctor Who - Demon Quest stars Tom BakerWhen the Doctor returns to Nest Cottage, a year after the events of previous Fourth Doctor audio adventure Hornets’ Nest, he discovers his housekeeper, Mrs Wibbsey (Susan Jameson), may have taken a component from the TARDIS leaving in its place a bag strange artifacts containing several clues that lead him and Mike Yates (Richard Franklin) across time in a hunt for his housekeeper and the missing part.

Writer Matthew Badham recently sat down to chat with writer Paul Magrs (The Blue Angel, The Scarlett Empress)  posting a full transcript of an interview that had previously appeared in the Big Issue in the north.

Magrs reveals that his love for Tom Baker’s Doctor still shows no signs of winding down (when he first met him Magrs gave him some Jelly Babies) much to the joy of his inner 10 year-old:

His first year as Doctor Who was the first year I have any memories of anything at all. He is the perfect Doctor and, like everyone else, I never thought we’d hear from him again.

It’s very much Tom’s Doctor and no one else’s. Only Tom’s Doctor talks in this particular way… He’s the wittiest, the cleverest and the strangest – and that’s what I write for him.

Magrs got the gig writing Hornets’ Nest after pitching several ‘crazy ideas’ which resulted in him being commissioned to write all five parts of ‘Nest. A workload he replicated for Demon Quest.

Like Moffat’s dark fairytale motif Magrs sees the Doctors world in wintery shadows;

I like to tap into the Gothic spirit of the 70s Who. It’s perhaps even more macabre and surreal, the way we do it… For me, Doctor Who was all about dark autumn and winter nights and strange fireside tales… and that’s what we do.

He also let slip his designs for Who if he ever took the reigns of the TV series:

I’d bring in some more non-TV writers. I’d set more stories in outer space. I’d bring back the Zygons…

Part one The Relics of Time is set to be released on 2nd September and can be pre-ordered from Amazon for £6.99 – meanwhile the following four parts£7.49 each.

The complete Hornets’ Nest saga is available to buy on the 2nd September and can pre-ordered from Amazon for £35.00.

For a full synopsis of all the tales and the latest Tom Baker news check out the actor’s own website.

For the rest of the interview visit Matthew Badham’s blog.


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