Doctor Who Live: Worth The Money?

The Belfast Telegraph has recently published an article, found here at the California Chronicle website, questioning whether the ticket prices for Doctor Who: Live are too expensive.  Noting that the highest-priced seats for those living in Northern Ireland sell for £42.50, the news agent cites the consumer-clever Dr. Chris Strugnall as saying:
Are Doctor Who Live tickets too expensive?

“For a family of four this would be one very expensive night out.”I think any family would find it a struggle, especially if they are looking at further charges.”This is a tough economic time for people– while I’m sure the show will be excellent, they may find a few empty seats.”

The news agent also points out that the rates for the Belfast shows appear to be slightly higher than most of the event’s other venues; the high-priced tickets in mainland arenas are a slightly lower £38.50.

But if you live in Northern Ireland, don’t let an inside-of-the-TARDIS-sized pile of cash get you down!  According to a spokesperson at BBC Worldwide, the prices at the Belfast Odyssey Arena only look higher because all the extra fees have been included in the cost:

“The venue and agency commissions, as well as being included upfront in the ticket prices for Belfast, are also slightly higher at the Odyssey Arena.”

And said “venue and agency commissions” apply to all the locations of the show, whether they’ve been added into the displayed price or not.  Take the price listings from Wembley Arena in London, for example.  Here, the prime seats are listed as costing £38.50 plus £3.85 for fees.  Ultimately, it’s still cheaper than the Belfast performance… by about £0.15.

The question we should take away from this should be:  Do these tiny extra fees, or the high prices they’re attached to really even matter?  Here’s the BBC Spokesperson again:

“Doctor Who Live is a unique live entertainment show with high production values and the ticket prices are not only highly competitive, but lower than many similar arena shows, family attractions and London West End shows.”

Keyword: lower prices.  Lower and unique.  The latter word is related to the phrase known as once-in-a-lifetime.  This is Doctor Who we’re talking about.  If one perceives the prices as costly, one should remember that this high number is simply there to represent the quality of the show.  Think of the live Who performances that have appeared since the series’ revival, including, most recently, the Doctor Who Prom.  To quote my old high school chemistry teacher when describing the Blue Man Group, we’re talking about “entertainment at its finest.”

Besides, if £38.50 sucks your wallet through a crack in space and time, there are cheaper tickets available; perhaps £34.50 or £25.00 sound more doable to you.

If you want tickets (and why wouldn’t you?!) for any of the nine locations, get ’em here at Ticketmaster!  Hurry, they’re selling fast!

Patrick Riley


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