Savage, Clarke, And Deadly Robots

You: Robots in a 1940s-style film noir detective movie made by Doctor Who veterans?  Tell me more!

Doctor Who star Noel Clarke in Reign of DeathKasterborous: Okay, I will!  In 2009, a short film directed by Doctor Who concept artist Matt Savage that starred Ricky Mickey Noel Clarke and was called Reign of Death screened at film festivals in London and California, and is now set to be upgraded to feature status.

The short centered around private detective Clarke and Jimmy the Snitch, his robot partner, as they tracked down a suspect for a murder crime, who was also a droid of sorts.

Students from Swansea Metropolitan University studying 3D computer animation created the CGI characters and backdrops that appeared in the film.

Discussing plans for what the feature-length version might entail, Savage commented:

“It follows an investigative storyline, with Noel’s gumshoe character taking the lead.

“The short was an experiment in creating a visually interesting environment within which to tell our story.

“The new feature takes place within the same universe as the short, but it’s darker and more sinister in tone.”

From the sound of things, we have yet another fantastic entertainment experience from the brilliant minds behind Doctor Who on its way to what is (at least in the States) a bit of a cinematic Dark Age.

You: Oh boy!  I can’t wait!  Thanks, Kasterborous!

Kasterborous: Anytime, mate.  Anytime.

(Via BBC News)

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