Chuck the Time Lords

Eric Roberts as the MasterFormer Doctor Who guest stars Timothy Dalton and Eric Roberts are set to appear in the next series of Chuck, reports SFX.

Timothy Dalton is best known to Doctor Who fans as the reincarnated Time Lord founder, god and President Rassilon in David Tennant’s swansong The End of Time, but known to movie fans as a former James Bond (The Living Daylights, 1987 and Licence to Kill, 1989) not to mention playing Prince Barin in the amazingly iconic comic book movie Flash Gordon back in 1980. He’s also appeared in The Rocketeer and Looney Tunes Back in Action, not to mention the Simon Pegg movie Hot Fuzz.

Dalton will appear in several episodes of  Chuck as a “mysterious stranger” who it seems has a history with Chuck’s mother (played by Linda Hamilton of Terminator/Terminator 2).

Eric Roberts as the MasterMeanwhile another former Time Lord is also appearing in the new series – former Master Eric Roberts (TV Movie) is set to appear as part of a team of Casey’s former mercenary crew, looking for revenge…

As well as playing the Master opposite Paul McGann’s superb Eighth Doctor, Roberts has appeared in a string of successful TV series and movies, such as Heroes, Batman movie The Dark Knight, new heroflick The Expendables, and a lot of not so successful “B” features, running back to and beyond martial arts classic Best of the Best.

It’s certainly an interesting lineup of guest actors – I wonder who else will be cast?


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