Home is Where The Smugglers Was Shot

‘Slowing down…easing up…in freefall’  While the property market maybe shrugging its shoulders at the economy like a thick kid looking at a GCSE paper its reassuring to know that Doctor Who induced impulse purchases are still out there contributing to the all round confusion that is our future.

Doctor Who - The SmugglersSo if you happen to dig behind the sofa and find £269,950 you could be the proud owner of this delightful home which over looks the fields where parts of the long since deleted serial The Smugglers was filmed.

This First Doctor tale saw our favourite time traveller (not including Michael French from Crime Traveller) materialising in 17th century Cornwall where pirates led by Captain Samuel Pike (Michael Godfrey)and his henchman Cherub (George A Cooper) are searching for hidden treasure, while a smuggling ring masterminded by the local Squire (Paul Whitsun-Jones) is trying to off-load contraband.

Despite falling into the catagory of the early historical ones rather than more heavily science ficition tales of the later serials, the episode is a great little romp through romantic fictions biggest cliches.

Doctor Who - The SmugglersThe serial led straight into William Hartnell’s final tale The Tenth Planet and was the first for new companions Ben (Michael Craze) and Polly (Anneke Wills)

The three bedroom property is situated in St Levan, eight miles from Penzance, Porthcurno, and is close to Nanjizal, Church Cove, Newlyn and Trethewey, the locations used for filming. Even the barns across the road from the house were used at one stage, while more can be seen on the 8mm footage of the location on the Lost in Time DVD.

Click here for the BBC’s photo novel of The Smugglers.

For a virtual Through the Keyhole tour of the property and for more details click here

Not that were suggesting you buy a new home for its tenuous link to Doctor Who but if you did you would have a special place in geeky nerddom and lets face it, its worth more than money, love, respect from your peers and a satisfying career…right…isn’t it…I’m so alone…

the barns across the road from us were one of the locations. There is 8mm footage of the location on the Lost in Time DVD and of course the telesnaps.

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