A Readthrough With Neil Gaiman…

…is a privilege that very few producers will ever achieve, and yet that’s exactly what Steven Moffat and his band of handy filmmakers were treated to this week when all were gathered for the first time to enunciate the Stardust and Coraline writer’s much-anticipated Doctor Who debut!


The picture you see on this page was originally posted by the author himself on his blog, and depicts Moffat holding a drink next to director Richard Clark while Gaiman and Matt Smith are slowly devoured by the light from a crack in the wall.  Unfortunately, Gaiman doesn’t say too much about his story, but we do discover that between the Christmas special and Series-Six-Episode-Three (the planned slot for the tale in question), Rory isn’t going to go and DIE on us, again:

“The guest star or stars will be fabulous, Matt’s great, Arthur [Darvill, otherwise known as Rory] is wonderful and I never got to say hullo to Karen (who was amazing).”

We also now know thanks to the same blog post that the absolute 100 percent matured-and-polished final draft of the script STILL has yet to be written:

I had a meeting after the readthrough with the producers and director, pinpointing stuff that needs fixing or clarifying (‘So we need to change that without making it longer or spending any money. Right.’). But nothing that needs rewriting is anything other than cosmetic, and I should get it done tomorrow or Thursday.

Seems to be one of the very few signs of those oft-lamented budget cuts that really weren’t evident at all this year.

Oh, and next time you’re frustrated by a plot-hole or an over-simplified scientific explanation in the show, don’t forget this handy advice from Steven Moffat:

“Look, you understand that, and I understand that, but we’re Science Fiction people. The other 100% of the audience may not get it.”

Maybe we should go pull Matt and Neil out of that light before they’re permanently erased from our memories…

Has anyone heard who’s been cast as the Eleventh Doctor yet?  David’s been gone for eight months, you’d think they’d pick someone already!

Patrick Riley


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