India Fisher, Sarah Sutton & Paul Darrow In Vortex #63

One of the high and lows of my month is getting the new issue of the Big Finish magazine Vortex (I say both as it’s the wonderful moment when I get to find out what my money will be going on this month, the bad is that usually after reading I realise I’m going to be living on pot noodles and cold baked beans for the remaining weeks).

This month looks to be no different as it’s all about one of the company’s best-loved additions to the Doctor Who universe, Charley Pollard. Companion to both the Eighth and Sixth Doctors Charley is finally getting her own series and this month’s Vortex has a rather good interview with the lady behind the adventuress, India Fisher, who talks about a number of things including the casting of Charley’s parents in the form of Anneke Wills and Terrence Hardiman both of whom will be well-known to Whovians everywhere as 1960s companion Polly and Hawthorne, the man in charge of operations in Series 5 episode The Beast Below (although if you’re like me you will never see him as anything other than The Demon Headmaster).

There is also a nice interview with Sarah Sutton (Nyssa) and Paul Darrow discusses Blake’s 7 as well as a look back at Sixth Doctor adventure Patient Zero’ which stars India Fisher as Charley Pollard bringing us full circle again.

What are your thoughts on the forthcoming Charley box set? Are you still a Big Finish virgin? Is anyone else as excited as me for Big Finish doing Terrahawks? Leave your messages and comments below and share with us.

Head to the Big Finish website to download the latest edition of Vortex.



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