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Again, we come with glad tidings of audio joy! Far more useful than a Christmas tangerine, here is your Kasterborous Big Finish News Blast! Today, we have a brand new trailer for Fourth Doctor adventure The Darkness of Glass, The Highest Science is out this month, Big Finish gift ideas, and the Rani speaks in the latest issue of the Vortex. With no more ado, let us dig in!

Doctor Who – The Darkness of Glass Trailer Revealed!

A brand spanking new trailer has been released for the upcoming Tom Baker adventure, The Darkness of Glass (which can be heard by clicking here). In the meanwhile, here is an idea of what the Fourth Doctor and Leela are up against:

“Cut off from the TARDIS, the Doctor and Leela find themselves stranded on a small island. But they are not alone. It is 1907, and members of the Caversham Society have gathered on the hundredth anniversary of the death of Mannering Caversham, the greatest Magic Lanternist who ever lived. But Caversham was also a supernaturalist who claimed to have conjured up a demon from the depths of hell. As people start to die, the Doctor begins to wonder if Caversham’s story might have more than a grain of truth in it. Can the Doctor and Leela discover what really happened to Caversham a century ago? And if they do, will they live to tell the tale..?”

The adventure is set to release in February but is available for preorder now.

Gareth Roberts’ The Highest Science Releases This Month!


The Big Finish adaption of Gareth Roberts’ Seventh Doctor Adventure, The Highest Science, is set to release this month. Featuring the McCoy Doctor and popular companion Bernice Summerfield, the adventure finds them in strange coincidences:

“The Highest Science. The pinnacle of knowledge and a terrible weapon. A legend – nothing more.
Sheldukher. The most wanted criminal in the galaxy. Evil to the core and hungry for power, whatever the cost. The Chelonians. A vast military power, pledged to eradicate human parasites wherever they are found. The Doctor. An ancient and wise Time Lord tracking a temporal fluctuation that endangers the universe itself. Some things should never meet, but as Professor Summerfield is about to discover, the universe is full of coincidences.”

You can hear the trailer and preorder the adventure here.

Some “Beautiful” Gift Ideas from Big Finish


We all know that the days between now and Christmas Day are rapidly disappearing. I can imagine that, if you’re like me, you’re not even close to finished with shopping and I dare say there may be a handful of people on your list that you are having a difficult time finding a gift. Our friends at Big a Finish know this and have suggested a couple of ideas for the Whovians and literature fans on your list.

Their top Doctor Who suggestions are the 50th Anniversary special, The Light at the End, and the newer collection, The Worlds of Doctor Who, spanning several lines and including the Sixth Doctor as well! Their final suggestion is of interest to Mary Shelley fans and Whovians alike, as Frankenstein features former companion Arthur Darvill and voice of the monsters, Nicholas Briggs! These stories are packaged in beautiful book format and look as great as they sound. You can get a better look at the releases here. I can almost guarantee the Whovians in your life will loves these (unless of course they already own them!)

Vortex Magazine Highlights Interview with Siobhan Redmond


Big Finish has also unwrapped its latest edition of Vortex Magazine (which if your a Big Finish fan and not reading this, you’re missing out!) and of the biggest highlights is an interview with the newest incarnation of the Rani, Siobhan Redmond. The whole article is worth your read, but this is the most interesting bit as far as this writer is concerned:

“I have to out myself now, as one of the few people in the known galaxy who’s never seen Doctor Who. It’s my USP!I grew up in a house with no television. My auntie had a telly so I did see some bits of it over the years, and I remember seeing the Daleks, so it’s not completely foreign territory for me. I’ve not been living under a stone – but I just never saw much telly as a kid. When it came back a few years ago, I was in my middle-age, and I thought it would have felt a bit weird watching it, so I’ve not actually seen it. I said to people I might start watching it when Peter Capaldi went into it, but I think I’m just going to be destined to never see it!”

The Rani has never bloody seen Doctor Who? Well, that tremendous slight aside, I hope she excels in the role and we’ll be reviewing her first outing, The Rani Elite, soon.

That’s it for the BF news blast! As always, thanks for riding along with us and please leave some comments below, especially if you’re looking forward to some of these upcoming Big Finish adventures!


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