Big Finish Round-up: Two Plays Up for Awards, The Prisoner and Wizard of Oz Announced

The New Year is just getting started, but things are already in full swing at Big Finish Productions! And never fear, dear readers and Big Finish fans, the Big Finish Round-up is on point to make sure you don’t miss a beat! Today’s edition brings us award nominations for two of Big Finish’s finest from last year, the return of a classic television series (in audio form, of course!), and news of an adaptation of a beloved book. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Big Finish Nominated Twice for BBC Audio Drama Awards!

It’s no surprise that Big Finish produces high quality productions, especially to us Kasterborites! However, the news coming to us via Scifi Bulletin has revealed that among some other fine audio dramas, two of Big Finish’s 2014 releases have been selected as nominees for the BBC Audio Drama Awards. The dramas are Frankenstein, in which Alex Jordan is up for Best Debut performance, and Survivors, which is nominated for Best Online or Non-Broadcast Audio Drama. Whovians will also remember that Frankenstein starred Who alumnus Arthur Darvill and Nicholas Briggs.

Should either drama get the award, this will be the second year in a row that Big a Finish came home with an Audio Drama Award; Doctor Who – Dark Eyes took home the award for Best Online or Non-Broadcast Audio Drama at last year’s event. Speaking of which, winners will be announced on February 1st. While it would have been great for Darvill or Briggs to get a nomination for their performances as well, we wish Briggs and Co. best of luck with their nominations!

“Who does Number 2 work for?!”

IMG_0295-0.PNG In this case, the answer is definitely not Doctor Evil! All jest aside, Big Finish has announced that they will be releasing a brand new audio series based on the 1968 television programme, The Prisoner! If you’re not familiar with the show, here is a brief synopsis: “January 16th 1967. A secret agent suddenly resigns from MI6, then wakes to find himself imprisoned in ‘The Village’ — a bizarre community with a cheery veneer, but an underbelly of threat and mystery. Re-branded as Number Six, our agent must enter into a battle of wits with the sinister Number Two, whose sworn aim is to discover why Number Six resigned. But Number Six refuses to divulge his secrets and must fight off increasingly outlandish and deadly attempts to break him, as he fights to escape and find out…’Who is Number One?’” At this time, no casting decisions have been made, but we can’t help but wonder if maybe one of the many Doctor Who audio stars might be able to take on the role of the infamous Number 2? Perhaps Colin Baker taking a stab at a villain? Or maybe Tom Baker’s resonating voice could be used for evil purposes? Personally speaking (and if we’re only looking at the former Doctors involved with Big Finish), I’d fancy seeing Paul McGann suit up as Number 2. His voice has qualities and range that would make all the different tactics Number 2 might employ to gain intel from Number 6 very believable in the audio format. Or perhaps, they may take a cue from the original series and have a rotating roster of Number 2s. It would be a little overkill, but it would be pretty incredible to see the Bakers, McGann, and even McCoy take a turn on each of the four parts of the initial box set (set to release in January 2016 — you can preorder here). Only time will tell for sure, but we’ll be sure to pass along details as they become available.

Big Finish to Adapt The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

IMG_0297.PNG Finally (and potentially the most personally exciting bit), Big Finish has also announced the upcoming release of a brand new adaptation of the beloved L. Frank Baum classic, The Wonderul Wizard of Oz! Marc Platt, who adapted the book for the audio drama, had this to say about the cast and recording experience: “The fun spilled through into the studio as well. Scott Handcock’s splendid cast play witches, winged monkeys, mice and hammerheads with tremendous and grotesque enthusiasm. Rachel Atkins is a very scary Wicked Witch of the West, and the Tinman, the Scarecrow and Lion end up feeling like old friends. Best of all is Ally Doman, a real find, as an enchanting, no-nonsense Dorothy around whom all the other madness revolves.” The cast, among others, also includes Alex Jordan (who we previously mentioned is up for a BBC Audio Drama Award) as the Cowardly Lion and Doctor Who‘s Dan Starkey as the Winged Monkey Captain. It sounds like a solid cast and this writer is currently imagining Strax commanding a group of Winged Monkeys. It’s set to release in September but is available for preorder now. All good things do tend to end, and thus the conclusion of this round-up. Did you enjoy Frankenstein or Survivors? Are you excited about The Prisoner or The Wonderful Wizard of Oz releases? Let us know below!


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