New Details For This Summer’s Counter Measures: Series 4!

Big Finish has released some new details about their highly anticipated next series of their Doctor Who spin off, Counter Measures! Series 4 is set to release this summer and, according to producer David Richardson, begins to lift the veil on the “end game” that’s been intricately setup over the last three series:

“There are lots of surprises in store this series. Suffice it to say that we’ve conceived Counter-Measures all as one grand story – and here is where it all falls into place. Old friends and foes return, and the end game begins. Will this be the last chapter for Sir Toby and his team?”

They’ve also released a brief rundown of what to expect in the forthcoming four-parter as well:

4.1 New Horizons by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott

When an explosion disrupts work on a monorail, Gilmore, Allison, Rachel and Sir Toby investigate the enigmatic company behind the project. But with government interference on one side, and dangerous businessmen on the other, who can they possibly trust?

4.2 The Keep by Ken Bentley

For many years Sir Toby has used the Keep – the most secure and secret prison in England – to hide away incredibly dangerous threats to the country. But now two prisoners are attempting to escape – and they’re not the only ones.

4.3 Rise and Shine by John Dorney

Old enemies are becoming friends. Old friends are becoming enemies. As they finally discover who they’re up against, and with the future of the planet at stake, the Counter-Measures team have to risk everything to survive.

4.4 Clean Sweep by Matt Fitton

The dust may have settled, but the threat lives on. With the team in hiding, and an unknown enemy at their heel, they need to turn the tables, and quickly. But can they ever really be safe?

While this writer has little prior experience with the range, the promise of revelations and hidden enemies is more than enough to pique my interest enough to call this one to definitely check out this summer. Speaking of which, Counter Measures: Series 4  releases in July. You can place your preorder now.

What do you think, fellow Big Finish fans? Is Counter Measures: Series 4 on your radar this summer? Or is there something else you’re looking forward to? Let us know!


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