Big Finish Reveals Details of Theatre of War New Adventures Adaptation

Later this year, a special treat involving the Seventh Doctor will arrive!

As announced before, Big Finish is continuing their range of fantastic adaptions of the Virgin New Adventures. More recently, however, the full cast has been revealed!

Coming up in December, Theatre of War (written by Justin Richards, published in 1994) will get the special treatment of audio adaption.

With Justin Richards himself adapting the audio play from his original novel, Theatre of War features the TARDIS crew land on the planet Menaxus, where a dangerously real adaption of a Shakespearean tragedy is playing out. The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), Ace (Sophie Aldred), and Bernice Summerfield (AKA “Benny”) (voiced by Lisa Bowerman) are put right in the middle of danger itself.

Although the audio drama will serve as the introduction for the mischievous character Irving Braxiatel (voiced by Miles Richardson), it is not Richardson’s (or Braxiatel’s) first appearance in the audio dramas. Producer Cavan Scott addresses this:

“Theatre of War is a book that would prove incredibly important for Big Finish. Justin’s novel introduced the character of Irvin Braxiatel, who, played by Miles Richardson, would go on to be a major player in both the Bernice Summerfield adventures and Gallifrey. It only seemed right to invite Miles to return for Benny’s first meeting with the great man. Of course, in typically timey-wimey style, it’s not the first time that he has met her. Then, there is Brax’s long rumoured history with the Doctor to deal with…”

Director Scott Handcock adds to this, saying:

“…it’s a joy to go right back to the beginning and establish his (Richardson’s) most notorious character! Miles knows Brax inside-out, has a fantastic dynamic with Lisa, and is simply a joy to work with. So if you’ve never heard any Braxiatel before, watch out! You won’t know what’s hit you!”

The Big Finish audio adaption of Justin Richard’s Theatre of War will be released this December, but is available for pre-order. The original Theatre of War novel is available on Amazon.

So, what do you think about Who novels being adapted into Big Finish audios? Will you be listening when Theatre of War drops? What about Who novels being adapted into TV episodes? Tell us in the comments.


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