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Here we are again! The freevend snack machine is now empty, so it’s back to news duties until such time as the machine is refilled… or Kopic earns enough K points to spend them in the refectory on a soggy cheese sandwich! So, ever onwards with the latest Doctor Who news from the wibbly wobbly interweb!

According to the esteemed organ Outpost Gallifrey there is good news for collectors of soundtracks based on particular series of Doctor Who – The Series Four soundtrack is due for release sometime in mid-November by Silva Screen. The "Song of Freedom" (choral piece that marked the Daleks’ defeat in Journey’s End) will be included. I hope they also include the Ood song and/or the choral version of that used in Journey’s End when towing the Earth home. Unless they are the same thing? We’ll find out soon enough! See also Doctor Who Series 4 soundtrack coming in November! – Discover Magazine

There’s a wonderful Lis Sladen interview in the latest SFX magazine where she reveals some spoilers about the Jackson family in the upcoming series of Sarah Jane Adventures (starting soon!) and reveals that she has finally become a Doctor Who fan after all these years, thanks to RTD’s efforts.

The CBC (Canadian channel that co-produces Doctor Who) finally started showing series 4 on Friday 19th September, giving the author a chance to perpetuate a certain rumour…

Tate got herself in a spot of bother last year by blurting out on radio that co-star David Tennant might be leaving the show along with departing producer Russell T. Davies. After vehement denials all around, the rumour persists that Tennant, after his award-winning turn in the Royal Shakepeare’s Hamlet, may indeed end up handing the regenerating role over to The History Boys’ Russell Tovey, who appeared in the  show’s "Titanic" episode as an ill-fated sailor. But not before filming a series of season-substitute Who TV movies, two of which are  scheduled to be shot in the U.S.

Sylvester McCoy is a busy chap, playing the title role in the Carl Rosa production of The Mikado at Birmingham’s Alexandra Theatre, according to the Birmingham Mail. This is his second outing in the role having played it earlier this year to popular acclaim leading to another run from 23rd to 27th September (Tickets: 0844 847 2293). Did you know our Sylv almost played Bilbo Baggins?!?!

"When they were making Lord of the Rings they kept me on hold for six months as a possible Bilbo Baggins," he says. "In the end the role went to Ian Holm so I guess they were just keeping me in case Ian couldn’t do it.

"But I met its director Peter Jackson because when we were touring New Zealand with King Lear he invited Ian McKellen, who played Gandalf in the films, and myself to dinner. Peter Jackson’s home in Wellington is a real fantasy land with secret passages and all that.

"In his garden he actually has Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit hole and that is where we had dinner. So there I was having dinner with Gandalf in Bilbo Baggins’ house."

This Christmas Sylvester McCoy is also going to be starring in Snow White as “‘Orrible Herman” at the Derby. 

Simon Mills


Simon was born at an early age and has loved Doctor Who since even before then. Truth be told, it was those pesky giant maggots and the dandy in the frilly shirt that got him hooked... but it was the hair, teeth, eyes and scarf that made him stick around to this very day. When not writing for Kasterborous, Simon indulges in his passion for karate training and listening to (and writing about) some seriously heavy rock and metal music. Not at the same time, though, as that can lead to serious injury and/or lawsuits.

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