Novelcon Update

For anyone interested in attending Novelcon on Sunday October 11th, here’s a quick update on what to expect this Doctor Who literature minicon – a handful of tickets are still available!

Firstly, unfortunately Gary Russell has had to drop out due to general work busyness. Naturally, no-one’s more disappointed than Gary himself as a great champion of the novels, but ’tis life in the world of deadlines! However, we are delighted to announce a new author will be joining us for the day – the brilliant Peter Anghelides, who of course beat RTD to the punch by destroying Gallifrey in The Ancestor Cell.

We’ve also finalised the format of the day so people can get an idea of what we’ll be up to (other than eat, drink and chew the fat)…

Novelcon, Sunday October 11th, ManchesterDoors open at 10am.

10:30am – Are books the real home of Doctor Who?

Is the Doctor in actual fact one of the world’s greatest literary and not TV heroes? What do the books manage to do so well that means they often surpass what the programme is capable of?

Daniel Blythe, Dale Smith, Martin Day – Chaired by John Cooper

11:30am – Roots of the TV revival

To what extent were the books the proving ground for ideas and concepts that would become central to the TV revival (and are there any ticks they missed)?

Paul Cornell, Steve Lyons, Peter Angheliedes. Chaired by Gareth Kavanagh


1:30pm – BBC/Virgin?

How do they differ, are they products of their time or are the differences primarily in our heads as fans?

Paul Magrs (chair), Andrew Cartmel, Trevor Baxendale

2:30pm – Past Doctors – what’s the point?

A little provocative, perhaps, but what are the challenges of slipping stories into the cracks of continuity whist remaining fresh and new (and how difficult is it to capture Tom Baker and Patrick Troughton anyway)?

Justin Richards, David McIntee, Mark Morris – Chair is Charlie Ross

3:30pm – A question of canonicity?

Where does canon begin and end with reference to the books? Do great ideas somehow transcend the largely fan-imposed notions of canon, do we care and will the all encompassing unifying theory forever elude us?

Paul Cornell, Simon Guerrier, Mark Michalowski – chaired by Christian Cawley

4:45pm – Auction and close

Panels should last no longer that 45 minutes and ideally open with a reading. The idea behind the chair is simply to keep the conversation flowing and open things up to question.

We’ve also proposed a few other fun things that will throughout the day, including;

The Big book of Fanw*nk – this will simply be a blank book sent round throughout the day, for guests and attendees to write an open ended, fanw*nk laden consequences story idea. John will (hopefully) regale us with the best ideas.

Story-title generator – everyone gets the chance to pick a collection of words out the hat at random to see who comes up with the best story title.

Slide show on projector (time permitting) packed with classic covers, art and other treats

Soundtrack – Talking with our good pal Paul Magrs, he’s quite rightly mentioned that given the links between pop culture and the books, it would be fun to have a soundtrack to the day that evokes all these warm nostalgic feelings – especially as many of the authors will have slaved away to these tunes while writing.

Early suggestions include fool’s gold – stone roses / joe – inspiral carpets / this charming man – the smiths / step on – happy mondays / love cats – the Cure / there’s no other way – blur / altogether now – the farm / diamonds are forever – shirley bassey / love’s just a broken-heart – cilla black / loving the alien – david bowie / calling occupants… – carpenters / doctor who theme – geoff love and his orchestra / wonderwall – oasis / my death – scott walker.

Any suggestions please get them to me by Wednesday and I’ll do my best to get some CDs assembled and popped on the jukebox.

As ever, any questions please feel free to get in touch with the pub.

The Lass O’Gowrie
36 Charles St
Manchester M1 7DB

T 0161 273 6932

More info including directions is available at with tickets available online at or on the door next Sunday (11th October)

Looking forward to a grand day! Don’t forget to spread the word!

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