Following Friday’s press screening of The Waters of Mars David Tennant talked a little about the emotions of departing Doctor Who.

Of course all questions are going to be on David and the Tenth Doctor’s ever-approaching end – and despite the next episode airing on Sunday, November 15th the line of questioning on the whole seems to skate over what is likely to be one of the scariest Doctor Who adventures ever in order to find out more about the Doctor’s imminent death.

“There’s lots of scenes in the final episode that are very sad, and were very sad to play.”

He added: “On the actual final day I was a bit of a puddle, but kept a mildly stiff upper lip.”

We do get some hint about how the Doctor deals with the bizarre water-based threat in the upcoming Mars adventure, however:

“It tells a different sort of story. We expect the Doctor to take control earlier,” he said.

The BBC have a video interview with David Tennant and Russell T Davies which tells a bigger story, and features some footage from The Waters of Mars.

Incidentally in the run up to The Waters of Mars, David Tennant appears on The Graham Norton Show on Monday, 9th November at 10.35pm on BBC One.