First Christmas Special Clips!

The Beeb has released a stunning new montage of the drama it plans to air during the remainder of the year, and guess what they’ve included!  As if the title of this article didn’t already give it away…

That’s right, we now have our first look at the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special!  There’s not a whole lot to see, and it’s mixed in with everything else, but there are some very clear shots of Michael Gambon and Matt Smith wedged in there, among others. 

Frankly, it’s quite worth sitting through all the non-Doctor Who material in there just to see the few seconds of Matt Smith speaking the line that he does.  What?  You want me to tell you what he says?!  That’s a good one.  You’ll have to watch and see!

In addition to the Christmas special, there are also multiple shots of all the NuWho Doctors portraying other roles.  Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston reverts from having a PhD to being a plumber in the upcoming drama Accused, “Tenth Tennant” plays a single father in Single Father, and Matt Smith kisses a bloke (although not in this trailer) in Christopher and His Kind.  So even without the Christmas bits, there’s a plethora of sequences for all sorts of Whovians to get excited about.

(Via Gallifrey News Base)

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