Matthew Graham for S6

Doctor Who Magazine has unveiled a new writer for the upcoming sixth/thirty-second season!  And the winner is… Matthew Graham!

Hold on – Matthew Graham?  The bloke who wrote Fear Her?  Well, s’pose it was better than New Earth.  But what good could possibly come from this?

If Steven Moffat’s words are anything to go by, quite a lot, actually:

“[Graham has written a] thrilling and terrifying two-parter.  The Doctor will face a dilemma the like of which he’s never seen before.”

Well, I suppose the Grand Moff hasn’t led us astray thus far; we should probably trust him and be excited!

Graham himself (pictured here with Life on Mars stars John Simm and Philip Glenister) tweeted:

“Seems cat’s out – I have written eps 5&6 of the new WHO. I am thrilled with them. Filming starts on Monday. Needless to say, I can’t reveal anything but it was a joy working with Steven, Piers [Wenger] and Beth [Willis] – not to mention the superb cast.”

Filming starts Monday?  And the crew was in America this week?!  Well, we guess Matt was able to overcome jet lag for The Sarah Jane Adventures; he can probably do it again.

Listen to us rambling and we haven’t even given you the titles for Graham’s episodes yet!  Part One will be called The Rebel Flesh and Part Two will be shortened to Gangers.  Which, sadly for spoilerphiles, doesn’t really tell us anything about what’s going to happen.

We have also learned the director’s name; we look forward to discovering the Whovian edge of Julian Simpson’s style (which already has covered Hustle, Spooks, New Tricks, Hotel Babylon, and Superstorm) over the course of the two episodes!

So, for series six, we’ll be getting A Christmas Carol like we’ve never seen before, a trip to America like we’ve never seen before (if you don’t count The TV Movie or Dreamland), an episode from Neil Gaiman like we’ve never seen before, a mid- (or end-) series cliffhanger like we’ve never seen before, and now the Doctor will find himself in a situation that he’s never seen before!  In other words, we’ve never seen series six before.  But this spring promises to make the Platinum Age even shinier!

(Via GallifreyNewsBase and SFX)

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