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Not surprisingly, this has been quite an eventful week in Doctor Who Land, and we mean “eventful” quite literally – Whovians all across the nation have been gearing up in their favourite David Tennant or K-9 costumes and going out to party!

Fun Down, Fun to Go

Forbidden Planet, as we’ve previously told you, has been right on top of it all, with their first Doctor Who Day out of the way and receiving rave reviews from the press. Stores in Bristol, Birmingham, Coventry, and Cambridge were apparently so packed full of fans wanting free goody bags for dressing up that the TARDIS itself would have needed to be even bigger than it already is on the inside to contain all the customers!

There were also spectacular deals on Who-related stuff, as Bristol24-7 pointed out in its coverage of its local store’s festivities:

“Collectors might’ve been annoyed by a few bits of damaged stock, but most were just happy to get merchandise at greatly reduced prices. These discounts included DVDs, and the TARDIS-themed set collecting figurines of all eleven Doctors. Aside from these, however, very few things were cheaper, with the store instead relying on the power of the phrase, ‘Mum, Dad… Can I have this please?’”

Meanwhile, in Birmingham, children (and perhaps the odd geeky adult) queued up to have their faces painted in all sorts of Who-y manners. The Birmingham Mail caught up with Forbidden Planet store manager Nicki Checkley:

“Forbidden Planet is the home of Doctor Who, so we are very excited about the return of the Doctor at Easter. Fans are always keen to see what new merchandise is out. We have a large section at the store, popular with adults and kids.”

While we’ll question whether Forbidden Planet is actually the home of our favourite show (we’re pretty sure it lives in a Cardiff studio at the moment), there’s absolutely no doubt that Doctor Who things are hot items there right now. If your own home is near London, Croydon, Newcastle, or Southampton, your Fun Day is this Saturday, so make sure you drop by your local Forbidden Planet between 10AM and 3PM and witness the excitement!

Science in Scotland

If you’re not close to any of the four aforementioned cities but you are within reach of Edinburgh, it might be worth bringing your kids to “The Science of Doctor Who,” a 1-hour fun lecture by Mark Brake and Jon Chase aimed at human beings aged 7 and older that’s part of the ongoing Edinburgh Science Festival…

“Aliens and time machines, cyborgs and Daleks, utopias and killer computers… This event takes you on a journey through the fantastic worlds of Dr Who, and asks you to consider the question, ‘Do We Live in a Science Fiction World?’”

Hold on, let me ask my roommate who looks strangely like Tom Baker. Hey, Kamelion! Do we live in a science fiction world? He says no.

If you get a chance and have £4, head over to the Edinburgh’s Scottish Storytelling Centre tomorrow at 11 AM. Online and phone ticketing seems to no longer be available, but you can purchase your tickets at the door, according to the science festival website.

That would be great and all, except another page for the same event on the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature website contradicts that by saying “Ticket in Advance only.” So believe what you will; we’d personally lean more towards the official festival page. Either way, we still encourage you to click on the most recent link as it will lead you to an address for the event’s location.

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