Caravans of Countdowns!

BBC America have released parts two, three, four, and five of their “Eleventh Doctor’s Top 11” series, following their initial debut of eleven uses for the sonic screwdriver (scroll down), and we’ve got the whole new quartet here to show you!

Kicking things off we’ve got Doctor Who’s top 11 monsters, which is a good selection but it sadly leaves out a fair few, as these videos are really only covering what we’ve seen of the Eleventh Doctor’s era.  That said, where are the Silurians, and for that matter, the Sontarans?  And why is Prisoner Zero in there twice?

Next up is Doctor Who technology, which is a fairly thorough list of Fifth Series stuff, and we can’t really think of anything we’d add to it, except maybe the “modern art” the Doctor was building in his bedroom while staying at Craig’s flat…

Then there’s Doctor Who catchphrases, which mostly hits the mark, although if they’re going for Smith-era catchphrases only, the Cyberman clips don’t seem to work.  It’s amusing to see that “Geronimo,” which was supposedly going to be the next “Fanastic!” or “Allons-y!” is all the way back in 6th place, though we’d probably move “Bow ties are cool” up at least to 2nd:

Finally, 11 cool things about time travel, a list we won’t dispute.  Okay, that’s a bold-faced lie; they seem to have completely forgotten the “Way way back” scene involving the Doctor, Kazran Sardick, and an old film projection.  But we’ll let that pass, because the others are all excellent examples.

And now, time for the age-old question: What about you?  Anything you would add to any of these lists?  Got any “Top 11” topics of your own you’d like to share?  Look!  A comment section!  What a convenient way to express yourself!

No doubt we’ll see even more great monsters, technology, catchphrases, and uses of time travel when The Impossible Astronaut airs tonight at 6PM on BBC One and BBC One HD, 9/8c on BBC America, and 8/7c on SPACE in Canada!

(Thanks as ever to Rory at BBC America, and we hope he can forgive us for poking at his team’s marvelous work!)

Patrick Riley


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