Doctor Who Series 6 Preview

With just a few hours left to the kick off of the new series of Doctor Who, it’s time to pull together what we know about the various episodes from part one of the run (Episodes 1 – 7) and get a clearer idea of what is to come…

Executive Produced by Steven Moffat, Beth Willis and Arsene Piers Wenger, Doctor Who series 6 is brought to us by BBC Wales and produced on a more hands-on basis by Marcus Wilson. The series stars Matt Smith as the Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy and Arthur Darvill as Rory, with regular guest appearances from Alex Kingston as River Song.

Premiering later today in the USA, Canada and at home in the UK, the series begins with a two part adventure…

1 & 2 – The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon by Steven Moffat. Featuring Alex Kingston as River Song and guest starring Mark Sheppard as Canton Everett Delaware III and Stuart Milligan as US President Richard Nixon, these episodes will apparently feature the death of one of the TARDIS travellers as well as the introduction of the sinister Silence, whose presence was hinted at throughout the 2010 run. These episodes were the first to be recorded in the USA, with Utah among the locations used.

3 – The Curse Of The Black Spot by Stephen Thompson. This adventure is the episode from which snaps of Karen Gillan dressed as a pirate originate, and features Lily Cole as some sort of Siren. Actor Hugh Bonneville – best known for roles in Notting Hill, Bonekickers and  Downton Abbey guest stars as a pirate captain, and the story concerns seafaring folk been drawn to their deaths; think of a sci-fi versio of the Lorelei legend.

4 – The Doctor’s Wife by Neil Gaiman. There is an argument that only a writer of Neil Gaiman’s stature could get away with a title such as this, and certainly the episode itself looks as if it will make a considerable impact. Guest starring Suranne Jones as Idris “an old acquaintance with a new face” (we reckon the name is a clue) the episode is also said to feature something not seen since 1969’s The War Games Watch out for actor Michael Sheen voicing a character.

5 & 6 The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People by Matthew Graham. Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes co-creator Graham has had a bad run from Doctor Who fans following the disappointment of 2006’s Fear Her. However Steven Moffat has brought the writer on board for looks like a fascinating pair of episodes, which feature The Gangers (friend or foe? We don’t yet know…), and guest stars Raquel Cassidy, Sarah Smart and Marshall Lancaster, the latter a regular in Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.

7 – A Good Man Goes To War by Steven Moffat. There is litte to say about this episode other than it references a line of dialogue from 2010’s Weeping Angels episode Flesh and Stone, sees the return of Alex Kingston as River Song, guest stars Frances Barber, Christina Chong and Simon Fisher-Becker and features the Steven Moffat-dubbed “game changing cliffhanger”.

And no, we don’t know what it is either!


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