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SFX have published a great interview with The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People writer Matthew Graham about his upcoming episodes, which have a splash of traditional Doctor Who and a hint of The Thing and Alien about them, mixed up some legitimate moral questions combined with some good old-fashioned scares.

Back in 2006, Fear Her hinted at trouble to come for the Tenth Doctor and Rose, and in the following episode we saw the invasion of both the Cybermen and the Daleks. It seems that this time around, Steven Moffat has imposed nothing on the story, other than what Matthew recalls from a mass biscuit-eating exercise:

“Really, all that Steven said was, “I want a two-parter, and I’m going to do something cataclysmically big in episode seven, and I want five and six to build towards seven. And there may be something I need you to do at the end of six that will lead you into seven, but I haven’t nailed it down in my own mind yet exactly how it’s going to be.””

Graham reckons the story will allow him to put to bed the feeling that Fear Her was a missed opportunity back in 2006, something that must be tricky to deal with. However, the Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes co-creator is back with a new story that interestingly sits in a similar position in the series run.

“It’s only adults that worry about it being too scary for children. Children love it. And it’s hard to scare kids these days because the average video game is scarier than most Doctor Who episodes from the ’60s and ’70s. But it’s scary in simple ways. It’s not scary in terms of violence. It’s scary in terms of staring eyes. I mean, if you don’t like staring eyes, do not watch episode six. It’s eyeballs-a-go-go in episode six. I should have called it “Eyeballs-A-Go-Go”.”

Thanks to the delightful hangover from The Doctor’s Wife earlier this week, we’ve so far omitted to feature any trailers from The Rebel Flesh, so let’s resolve that right now…

First up, the official BBC trailer…

And the BBC America trailer:

There are also three clips from the episode, featured here thanks to the efforts of DoctorWhoTV…

The Rebel Flesh airs at 6.45 pm on BBC One and BBC HD and on BBC America at 8/9c. We’re interested to see just how well this episode fairs after the success of Neil Gaiman’s The Doctor’s Wife.

Would you envy anyone having to follow that?


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