War is Coming…

Okay people – if you haven’t seen The Almost People for whatever reason, do not click this link, do not pass go, do not collect one hundred credits of sentient money.

Move onto the next article unless you want to be seriously spoilered, else take your Doctor Who Series 6 experience into your own hands. We shall not be held responsible for the clips below, and their effect on you.

First up, someone has extracted data from the limited brain of a Judoon in the prequel clip to A Good Man Goes to War

Then, if you’re ready for it and can fully cope with the emotional demands, a trailer for the Doctor Who mid-season finale, in which we meet up once more with River Song as well as hope to find out who kidnapped Amy (obviously Madame Kovarian, played by Frances Barber, but who else is involved?), to what end, and just where her baby is.

Oh and how angry is Rory going to get?

To be honest, we’re not expecting any answers, but we’re curious about the role the Cybermen will be playing…


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