The Starz Savings and Loan Scheme

Have you had a spectacular explosion on TV and now can’t afford to pay the rest of your bills? Are your grips planning to run an electrical current through your Mercedes unless you pay them what they’re owed? Have the caterers run out of moss and dust to feed the dissatisfied crew?

With debt, the outlook can sometimes feel bleak. Nobody understands the strain you’re under while you genuinely entertain the idea of making next seasons antagonist a jiffy bag of sentient paper clips, just to make ends meet.

In these tough economic times, where budgetary constraints have resulted in less buck and more of a slight fizzle than a huge bang, it makes sense to spread the cost of your Torchwood into one consolidated American cash settlement, and here at Starz Savings and Loans were always happy to help.

When Mr R T Davies approached us he was looking for away to make a big global thriller but not lose the shirt off his back.

Thanks to our consolidation plan, he’s got his wish and couldn‘t wait to tell the BBC:

“In a time when budgets are tight, it’s great to have an infusion of cash from America that we can have fun with – and do some big brave stuff with.”

To think that before we set up an account for him he was contemplating shooting Torchwood in Mexico with an all puppet cast.

When Mrs J Gardner sat down with one of our advisors she comforted to hear that she would have total control over just where her show was heading:

“The joy of it wasn’t that we sold the format to the Americans and then waved goodbye to it. Of course budgets are shrinking, but it was about working smart. In pooling the money we got a bigger show for a better price.”

You too can make your dramatic dreams a celluloid reality if you choose to consolidate your budget issues with The Starz Savings and Loans scheme!


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