Rhys’ Pieces

Perennial everyman Rhys Williams aka actor Kai Owen has been having a big, blokey, down to earth chat with AfterElton about his increased part in the events of Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Since staving off the axe and becoming a full time cast member in season two Rhys has gone from mockable placeholder for humanity to the Scooby Gangs official driver- providing Gwen (Eve Myles) with both an anchor and a big burly shoulder to cry on for when the attacking hordes of the universe get too much for Mrs. Cooper.

Taking on this new mantle has proven to be something of a steep learning curve for Rhys:

The world needs Gwen Cooper as much as Rhys and their daughter need Gwen Cooper. He kind of accepts that now. He also knows that she’s brilliant at her job, that she’s a superwoman and a super-mother. Together, they’re a wonderful team. He’ll always be involved in the stories and involved in Gwen’s troubles or fights or adventures because he will always look out for Gwen.

However there’s also another man casting protective glances at the Gwen-Rhys relationship;  Captain Jack (John Barrowman) has always been rooted in the clash between the ordiniary and the extraordinary, so how will the two men in Gwen’s life stake their claim on the little lady that could?

He also knows that Jack will look out for her as well, so she’s always got these two big men looking out for her safety. I think Rhys is kind of an extra-secret member of the team now, especially because of his driving skills, and he’s such a normal bloke. He doesn’t look like an undercover CIA agent or anything extra-terrestrial. He’s just a run-of-the-mill guy who loves his food and loves his beer and his family, and he’ll do anything Gwen asks him to.

What Gwen might ask him to do could include some very dark and uncomfortable situations for the Henniken Kid- who has become accustomed to their lydlic life in South Wales under the witness protection programme:

When they do get the call to go back, he thinks he’s OK, but when he sees the story unraveling, it’s like wow, it’s happening all over again, and he doesn’t like that at all. And it just goes darker and darker and bigger and bigger. He starts out happy to be out of it, but then before you know it, slap-bang in the middle of it once more.

Check the full article for more on Owen’s thoughts on Rhys, California and his time as a gay roofer.

Torchwood: Miracle Day will arrive on a British TV screen soon, and in the USA on Friday July 8th on Starz!


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