The Gathering Reviewed

Now we’re getting there! It took it’s time getting there but for me Torchwood: Miracle Day has finally found its feet with Episode 9, The Gathering.

The team seems far less inept that in previous episodes (or indeed previous series) and taking the opportunity to take control of the situation.

However, the episode is not without its issues, so for the sake of getting my concerns out of the way I’ll do them first. Gwen is back in Cardiff and knocking off drug stores and selling the extras on the “black market” and no one has any clue that it is her, despite the fact that she takes off her mask. Oh sure she knocked out the camera but really, not one else is watching?

Aside from that I do wonder how Esther was able to get a wounded Jack to Scotland when she has proved the most useless team member of them all, but hey she did something good here right?

Anyway, moving on, Bill Pullman is back! And as usual he gives a stellar performance, but what’s the point of him again? I’m still not seeing it. But never mind, he’s on the Torchwood Team! Surely things will get interesting from here. He’s been the only character to maintain any sort of an engaging presence, despite his sickening backstory.

Now, Rex finds a lead and gets stifled by the plant in the CIA, but then finds a way back into his lead. Well done Rex! That’s how Torchwood should be working, tirelessly to save the day! While Rex may have been number 3 on the most wanted list there are clearly no worries at the CIA, who trust him to go underground on his own with no contact to save the day. Naturally, as we all know, this is how the CIA really operate…


Yeah, me either….

Torchwood: Miracle Day Epidode 9

In any event, Kai Owen delivered a good scene when he was able to see what Torchwood couldn’t and found the source of the Blessing in one of those serendipitous moments that only happen on TV or in the movies. I love those types of scenes. Not only that, but Rhys has finally showed how people should really have been reacting to Oswald Danes rather than worshiping the man. Well, we did see a bit of this with Jilly Kitzinger and the hooker she hired previously, which brings us nicely to Jilly and her situation.

I haven’t been her biggest supporter in the beginning as she seemed like a very flat character but since the previous two episodes she has really began to develop and show her worth. I can only hope that there is a good pay off for her character as we move on into the final episode of the story. But fair dues here, Lauren Ambrose has really proved me wrong about her characterization in this story.

I know that the writers have been trying to make us feel sympathy for the team with Gwen’s father and Ether’s sister, but honestly once again the scenes with Gwen’s father and her reaction to them have done nothing for me. As a matter of fact the only time I felt the sympathy we were meant to was when Rex lost Dr. Juarez. Not to say I feel nothing for Gwen, of course you can put yourself in her position, but it just somehow seems less important for them to be able to have these family moments rather than the separation forced on them in Children of the Earth.

That said, all in all The Gathering has proved to be what the series should have been from Episode 1 of Miracle Day. If episode 10, The Blood Lines, ends on a good a note than maybe it could be considered a miracle for Miracle Day to come out on top.

High hopes ahead…


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