Big Finish: Counter-Measures

July 2012 sees the launch of a brand new Doctor Who spin-off from the fabulous Big Finish called Counter-Measures, which reunites Simon Williams as Captain Gilmore, Pamela Salem as Rachel Jensen and Karen Gledhill as Allison; all characters created by Ben Aaronovitch for Remembrance of the Daleks in 1988.

Counter-Measures is set some time after the events of Remembrance, when the government has commissioned a specialist group to investigate unexplained phenomena and dangerous new technology.

Karen Gledhill, spoke of her surprise and the enjoyment she felt returning to a role she first played 23 years ago:

“I had no idea that 23 years on the story would still be so popular, and that some of us would be getting together again to recreate our characters and tell another story! I love the new scripts – Allison has really come into her own in these stories, and I am looking forward to meeting her again and having fun with her. The best bit will be being back in my 20s!”

Joining the cast is Hugh Ross (The Palace, Sea of Souls) as Toby Kinsella, Counter-Measures’ liaison with Whitehall and Alastair Mackenzie (Monarch of the Glen), as Julian St Stephen, Allison’s longstanding boyfriend.

What promises to be very 1960’s Doctor Who, part Quatermass and part Doomwatch already has a buzz to the project that producer David Richardson has likened to the original Jago & Lightfoot drama:

“Gilmore, Rachel and Allison are very fondly remembered by fans. They also have a great dynamic, and it’s easy to imagine that they had a life beyond the one TV story in which they appeared. So it’s been relatively painless for script editor John Dorney and myself to sit down over the course of several months and fashion a brand new series format centered on Ben’s characters.”

The first season box-set is available now to pre-order at a special discounted price on CD or as a download from the Big Finish site. More information such as writers and titles will be revealed in early 2012…


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