Pushing the Vworps!

It’s probably best to start with disclosure: Kasterborous writers Christian Cawley and Brian A. Terranova had work featured in the first issue of Vworp Vworp! back in 2009, and fanzine editor Gareth Kavanagh is an occasional contributor to this very website.

However, that doesn’t mean that we’re biased. In truth, it would be impossible not to be impressed by what could have turned out to be a let-down, plagued by “difficult second album” madness and huge overspends on a brass section for a solo acoustic track.

Fortunately, Kavanagh and co-editor Colin Brockhurst took their time pulling together the second edition of their amazingly polished Doctor Who Magazine tribute fanzine, and the result is genuinely more amazing than the first, if such a thing is possible.

To begin with there are detailed interviews with the entire team involved with the Abslom Daak strips that appeared in Doctor Who Weekly and Doctor Who Monthly, each accompanied by factual, annotated illustrations. Completing this section of the magazine are a final Daak strip and a fascinating look at what might have been – an Abslom Daak TV show, complete with mockup TV and film magazine covers! It’s awesome, amazing stuff, and you will genuinely learn something new about an iconic Doctor Who spinoff character, part 2000AD character, and part Dalek Killer.

There’s more to the magazine than just the in-depth analysis of a single character, however. Gareth, Colin and their band of passionate contributors have also managed not only to interview every single editor of Doctor Who Magazine; they also have a feature on the original The Lodger comic strip by Gareth Roberts (featuring the Tenth Doctor bunking up with Mickey for a few days, a story which was rewritten for the 2010 series) and of course included an amazing Weetabix-style 1970s Doctor Who board (pictured above) exquisitely designed by Brockhurst with artwork provided by luminaries of Doctor Who Magazine’s fantastic strips.

Abslow Daak and every DWM editor feature in Vworp Vworp! issue 2Ultimately, this is a truly wonderful fanzine, somehow better than the original while retaining the same focussed appreciation of the source material. While Doctor Who Magazine is a loving collection of articles about the TV show and Fig Finish, so Vworp Vworp! Issue 2 is a loving, appreciation of DWM. While the concept of a fanzine for a fanzine might seem pointless or needlessly gushing to some, the truth is that the history and content of Doctor Who Magazine is every bit as remarkable as the show itself, and as such makes for compelling reading.

Don’t expect to be able to completely digest the content of Vworp Vworp! Issue 2 in a single sitting. In fact, given the effort that goes into producing this great volume, I would recommend spreading your enjoyment out over several weeks to truly take in the new facts and appreciate the magazine fully.

Huge congratulations to Gareth, Colin and everybody else involved in the magazine; and buy it, simply to get an idea of how good a fanzine can and should look with the benefit of 21st century desktop design tools, printing and distribution.

And if that isn’t good enough for you, buy it for the amazing free gift!

A triumph.

Due to a massive response, there is currently a backlog in dispatching copies of Vworp Vworp! #2. For an update on this and news as to when you can place orders, head to www.vworpvworp.co.uk today!


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