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The Nearly Leelas

SFX has been plundering the Production Subtitles of the soon to be released The Face of Evil DVD and have come up with a list of the nearly Leelas – 26 actresses (including eventual Leela, Louise Jameson) that came so close to donning Leela’s minuscule costume.

Doctor Who: The Face of Evil DVD coverLike SFX we won’t give away the name of the unavailable actress that Philip Hinchcliffe had in mind to play Leela but we will share with you some of the more famous names on that list for those who don’t already know:

“Heather Tobias – Had a long and successful career that carries on to this day. Highlights include Bleak House (1985), The Singing Detective, Making Out and All The Small Things. She was also the voice of Melody Angel in the CG version of Captain Scarlet.”

Heather has also worked with such divergent talents as Mike Leigh in High Hopes and The Muppet’s in Muppet Treasure Island which sadly wasn’t directed by Mike Leigh.

“Sue Jones-Davies – Another successful jobbing actress, but her stand out role has to be Judith in Monty Python’s Life Of Brian.”

Jones-Davies also appeared alongside Heather Tobias in World War II drama The Island on Bird Street which had nothing to do with leather bikini’s and everything to do with Nazi War atrocities.

“Pamela Salem – The most famous name on the list, apart from Louise Jameson herself. Roles in The Onedin Line, Blake’s Seven, Into The Labyrinth, Doctor Who (computer voice in The Face Of Evil, Robots Of DeathRemembrance Of The Daleks), EastEnders, The Tripods, etc, etc, etc.”

Those ‘etcs.’ also include a stint as Miss Moneypenny in the ill-fated legal loophole-a-thon that was Never Say Never Again.

“Susan Wooldridge – Still acting today, her long career includes roles in The Jewel In The Crown, the John Boorman film Hope And Glory, How To Get Ahead In Advertising, All Quiet On The Preston Front and Eleventh Hour

While we’re on the subject of auditioning Susan was also up for the role of Cally in Blake’s Seven – the part eventually went to Jan Chappell.

For the whole list plus the usual amount of spectacular extras from The Artists Formerly Known as 2Entertain you can pre-order The Face of Evil from Amazon for release on the 5th March for £14.99 .


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