Charity Time Leech!

For various reasons we’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but thanks to the seemingly endless stream of emails asking “when are you going to publish Time Leech?” we reckon we’ve come to the best conclusion.

We suspect the main reason behind these questions is the original printed strip that appeared in the Vworp Vworp! fanzine back in 2009 presented readers with a nice new adventure that until recently could only be enjoyed on Kasterborous. The problem, of course, is that many readers own the first part in print – a physical, tangible product – whereas the second and third installments are digital only.

You may recall that the first Time Leech adventure saw the Tenth Doctor landing in a London where Churchill was Prime Minister, Silurians and Elizabethans rubbed shoulders (seriously, two years before The Wedding of River Song!) and the epicentre was a giant Time Leech in the middle of eating Westminster Abbey.

Following this, the Doctor and his mysterious new companion Ruth headed into space in Hellstar, where they found a deserted prison ship, empty bar a monster and a recovery crew… but they held a terrible secret that no one could have possibly guessed.

The final part, Time Bomb, saw the discovery of a giant Time Lord weapon materializing on Earth. Naturally only the Doctor can prevent detonation, but someone else is interested in the device…

Due to licensing restrictions, we can’t publish and request payment for our three-part Doctor Who strip by Christian Cawley, Brian Terranova, Justin Abbot, Rick Lundeen and Colin Brockhurst (with advice from former DWM chief John Freeman) as it would get us into trouble with the BBC.

And we don’t want that to happen!

However there is a way around this. We’ve always been big fans of helping out charities, so given the wonderful creative and philanthropic nature of the Time Leech strip, we wondered: could a published version of this 33 page adventure be arranged, with the intention of raising money?

So, after lots of umming and ahhing, this is what we’re going to do!

There will be two targets for the raised funds: Children in Need and AICR (Association for International Cancer Research).

There are two ways to purchase Time Leech. First, there is the print version, available for £4.99 plus P&P in the UK or £10.99 plus P&P for international orders.

The second choice is the entire adventure in PDF, available for 99p. (We also have a second electronic format, CBR, available. If you require CBR, let us know when you checkout.)

Here’s the option for the eBook:


We’ll be running this for the next 8 months until Children in Need. On that day the funds will be split 50-50 and shared between the two charities!

Thanks to all of you for your continued interest in the Time Leech strip – now, let’s raise some money!


All PDF/CBR copies are sent the same day, via email. If you haven’t received yours yet, please check your spam folder. Any problems, drop me a line: [email protected].


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