The Cutest Convention Interview!

At the official Doctor Who Convention SFX conducted an interview with a difference.

For sitting down ready to grill Mark Sheppard wasn’t a regular SF hack but instead 12 year-old Alex Hill, son of SFX ad manager Adrian, who kept Mark on his toes as he chatted about everything from the Silence, Sheppard’s accent and the man himself Matt Smith (who even made a brief cameo!)

Mark Sheppard appeared in Series 6 of Doctor Who as Canton Everett Delaware IIIIn what’s perhaps the cutest interview SFX has have ever chaperoned Alex shares some of his favourites with Sheppard – who gamely offers his memories of growing up with Doctor Who:

Alex: What’s it like working with Matt Smith?

Mark Sheppard: I tell you, Matt Smith is exactly like his character appears to be – he’s really kind and really nice. He’s just a lovely bloke, a really nice bloke to be with. You know when you see him on interviews, he’s exactly like that in real life. He’s my favourite Doctor. Who was your first Doctor?

Alex: It was David Tennant.

Mark: Interesting thing for me is I started out with Jon Pertwee and then Tom Baker came along and I thought he was a brilliant Doctor Who. And then through all the other incarnations no one really excited me as much as Tom Baker. I liked David [Tennant], I thought Christopher Eccleston was good, but Matt was something really spicy, something we haven’t seen in a Doctor, and he’s been getting better and better…”

While in the middle of discussing just why the Silence are more scary than the Weeping Angels – the Silence gave poor Alex weird dreams and, in an interesting side note, did leave him confused but it only made him want to watch the episodes again – none other than Matt Smith entered the room, creating scenes of ‘feverish excitement’ as Alex got the Eleventh Doctor to sign some memorabilia.

Not one to be too starstruck Alex regained his courage and quickly fired off a few questions to his hero about just who he had on his walls as a 12 year-old:

Matt: Footballers. Probably had the Forest team, one of Alan Shearer and the first girl I had on my wall was Cameron Diaz in The Mask. Cos I didn’t have Doctor Who when I was a kid, which was a shame, so I was all football, really.

Russell [Lewin, SFX Production Editor](helpfully interjecting): Matt was a great footballer!

Matt: Well I was alright…

Alex: I’ve got you on my wall!

Matt: Thanks! Well, I’ve got to go now but nice to meet you, little man.”

How cool is that?! Well done to Alex for chairing a fantastic interview.

To read the full Q&A head over to SFX.


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