The Special Weapons Dalek will return in Doctor Who Series 7

Return Of The Special Weapons Dalek

The Special Weapons Dalek will return in Doctor Who Series 7

The hardest Dalek of them all.

As stated in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (out today), when the producers of Doctor Who said that all of the Daleks are coming back, they meant all of them.

Among them is the awesomest Dalek ever, the Special Weapons Dalek. He has been seen precisely once (in 1988’s Remembrance Of The Daleks). Good work from The Grand Moff, who has mostly deprived us of Daleks for the last year only to bring them back in a big way!

Although its only televised appearance was back in Sylvester McCoy’s era, this awesome Dalek model appeared every once in a while in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip and turned up in the Eighth Doctor Adventures novel War Of The Daleks.

Now, unless Moffat does a masterful job of writing the episode that utilises all of their strengths, methinks that this appearance will be a cameo.  In fact, the Special Weapons Dalek’s abilities might hint at the plot of the episode, as their armour enables them to withstand the firepower of other Daleks without much effect. Their weapons are also powerful enough to destroy two Renegade Daleks at once.

Such weapons could easily be turned upon their comrades from a different time period, could they not? One wonders how they’d fare against the Smartie Daleks.

Any Who fan worth their salt must be salivating right now.




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