Doctor Who Alumni Team Up For British “Paintball Expendables”

Riding into town comes Bleeding Cool with more news on IDW writer Tony Lee’s contemporary Western The Mild Bunch – developed in collaboration with Second Doctor companion Frazer Hines; and it’s a fabulous concept.

The Magnificent Seven… paintball champs of the Middlesex and Hertfordshire Paint Ball League. These guys were the best, unbeaten, top of the league – until they broke up acrimoniously. Incredibly acrimoniously in fact, over twenty five years ago. After one single incident, they never met up as a group again.

Until now…

…and now the rusty gun must be holstered. The tin badge must be shined. But will our Magnificent Seven ride again?

As reported previously, Lee and Hines had long been attending the same Doctor Who conventions and had begun talking about their own ambitions, with Hines bemoaning the lack of good parts for actors of a certain age in films.

As Lee himself explains:

And while Frazer has done a lot on stage, and has been getting back into film lately, he was saying that he wanted to do some more film work. And he pointed out that there were a lot of other folk who had the same problem – all of the younger performers coming up and taking all of the roles. So I suggested “Why don’t you make your own film? Why don’t you come up with something that will get you all together?”

Hines didn’t have a concept in mind, just one detail; he’d like to ride a horse. Lee sprang into action and began working on what is now tentatively titled The Mild Bunch.

With an idea taking shape, Hines began rounding up the old gang that would added the ‘bunch’ to that title; joining him will be Sixth Doctor Colin Baker, John Challis of Only Fools and Horses and Doctor Who serial Seeds of Doom, and Vikki Michelle of ‘Allo ‘Allo.

And the cast can’t wait to get started:

They all want to start shooting tomorrow! They’re ready to go. You’ve got four names there, with big fan bases, and we know the fans want to see them back in action again.

For more on the ‘Paintball Expendables’ head over to Bleeding Cool!


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