Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman prepare to shoot scenes in Doctor Who

Doctor Who in the Tumblr

Jumping on the promotional band wagon for the upcoming Christmas Special Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman took to Tumblr to answer fans myriad questions about Doctor Who, life and indeed, the universe.

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman prepare to shoot scenes in Doctor Who

Taking to the BBC America’s Official Tumblr page ‘Smithers’ (yes, that’s what he calls himself. Awesome) and ‘Coleman’ were inundated with thousands of questions by fans.

From Matt’s imaginary friend to Jenna’s love of avocado’s no stone was left unturned in this giddy Q & A session – and here’s a selection of some of the best questions:

Ihoptowaffles asked: When you were younger did either of you have imaginary friends? If so, what sorts of adventures did you go on/pretend to have?

MATT: Yes, I had an imaginary kangaroo friend called Roo.

JENNA: Awww!

MATT: I was very clumsy and I used to break things and my mum went, you know, “Who’s done that?” And I would say, “It’s the kangaroo!” I was only three. [JENNA laughs] Honestly, swear to God! I had an imaginary friend called Roo. [To JENNA] Did you have one?

JENNA: Nah, I didn’t but I wish I did.

MATT: Hey, come hang out with Roo anytime.

JENNA [laughs]: Aw, thanks. You’d share Roo with me?

MATT: Yeah he’s great.

JENNA: I’d like to meet Roo.

MATT: Oh he’s wild!

Jayuna asked: Do both Matt and Jenna find it flattering when fans cosplay as their characters?

MATT: Yeah, I love cosplay. If you go to Comic Con, all the guys are in bow ties and tweed jackets or David’s old coat. Or they’ll be in an Oswin dress.

JENNA: I saw, the day before I moved to Cardiff to start this job, a little boy, a mini Doctor! A mini Doctor like literally walked past me with a screwdriver and everything. Just walking past me on the street.

MATT: I think it’s brilliant and it makes those events even more exciting for us to see everyone dressed up.

While Mattsmithhasabadger asked: What was the pair’s weirdest encounter with a fan?

MATT: I don’t know, many things. One told me I look like a hedgehog.

JENNA [laughs]: A hedgehog?

MATT: A pet hedgehog. This was in Wales. She said I looked like her pet hedgehog.

JENNA: That is the weirdest.

MATT: One, hedgehogs are flea ridden. Who has a hedgehog for a pet? And two, that is bordering on insulting.

JENNA: You know it’s funny because, you’d think this would be the weirdest one [for me], but it’s not because it’s true: “So you’re a Dalek?” That’s kind of the question I get asked the most.

For more Q&A based shenanigans head over to BBC America’s official Doctor Who page. You’ll also find us on Tumblr, if you’re that way inclined

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