New Doctor Who girl Jenna-Louise Coleman

J-LC: “I haven’t got a single love letter!”

Doctor Who has this immense power these days to take relatively new stars, that aren’t necessarily household names, and get everyone talking about them and adoring them. From Billie Piper to Karen Gillan, it seems that 21st century actresses who play companions of the Doctor end up adored. So it’s no surprise that Jenna-Louise Coleman is also getting attention left right and centre from the public thanks to her fantastic performance as Clara Oswin Oswald/Clara Oswald/Oswin Oswald.

Clara on the staircase

But this is just Jenna’s first series of Doctor Who, and so she’s only seen the tip of the iceberg; in fact she’s yet to receive adoring fan mail as yet as she told the Daily Express newspaper:

I haven’t received a single love letter or marriage proposal since I joined!… It might change but so far people don’t really recognise me. I think it’s because I’m short, whereas Matt is tall and has a distinctive walk so he’s easy to spot.

How little does she know that she’s fast becoming one of the most recognised faces in Britain! During the interview, Coleman also talked a little about the interview and audition process that got her the job as the mysterious Oswalds in the first place:

For the audition, all of the producers left the room and left me and Matt to just literally run around and play. And then everyone came back in and then we got to do it.

Clara in the TARDIS

And after the audition, there was the ongoing relationship between Clara and the Doctor that needed nurturing and sustaining; Smith gave Coleman some advice on that part as well by getting her to watch films with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey for inspiration:

He thought they’d be useful in understanding the rhythm and pace of a relationship between a male and female lead, and they were… He also suggested I watch some Indiana Jones films, which I’d never seen before, because the main character is always accompanied by various women on his adventures.

You can read the full article from the Daily Express here, which also has Coleman’s thoughts on the 50th Anniversary episode to be shown later this year…


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