Moffat: Doctor Who Must Be ‘funny and exciting’

Peoples of the universe, please attend carefully: Doctor Who show-runner Steven Moffat has given a rather interesting interview to In it, he talks about why Doctor Who has lasted for so long, his reservations about bringing Sherlock back, and why he doesn’t listen to people on Twitter!


When quizzed about his plans for the show when he first took over from Russell T Davies, Moffat was quite clear:

I just wanted it to be good. People always want me to have some form of agenda. Sometimes in desperation I say I want it to be a fairy tale or I want it to be this or that. I just wanted it to be a good Doctor Who. The thing about Doctor Who is it’s a different show every week. It speaks with a different voice on a weekly basis. It must be fast moving. It must be funny and exciting. Those were all present in Russell’s era and I hope they are all present in mine. I serve at the pleasure of the TARDIS [the time machine in Doctor Who].

And if anybody is still holding out for a return of the Plasmatons, they might be disappointed. This is what Mr Moffat had to say about old monsters returning to Who:

When it first came back, if we hadn’t done the Daleks or the Cybermen or The Master, it wouldn’t have felt like Doctor Who. Now, the two eras of the show have merged into one big glorious tapestry. It is better to add to the mythology than to draw from it. I have a slight fear that the first appearance of any given monster is always the best. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring them back if people love them. It’s an age-old debate. I think I’d probably rather invent new [monsters].

Of course, it’s always great to see the strange, strange creatures of the Doctor Who universe, whether classic or brand new! And, even if you’re not a fan of Steven Moffat’s work, his interview to WorldScreen is a very frank and honest one, and well worth a read.


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