Will the Eleventh Doctor be Killed by a Cyberman?

Further to yesterday’s news that Matt Smith will begin filming the Christmas Special on Sunday, stuntman Darrelle Parker has taken to Twitter with a surprising plot detail: the Cybermen are back!

His tweet, which has since been removed, said:

Great to be stunting again for Dr Who in the Christmas special playing a Cyberman!

Parker’s message was accompanied by a picture of a silver giant as featured in Series 7’s Nightmare in Silver, looking cold and menacing as ever.


And since the news broke, the Whoniverse has been rife with speculation that the Eleventh Doctor could actually die at the hands of the upgraders from Mondas, with many websites reporting such an event as fact. If this is indeed the case, it would certainly be a dramatic end for Matt Smith’s tenure, making him the first Doctor in history to succumb to deletion (unless you count William Hartnell’s death-by-exhaustion in the Cybermen’s first outing The Tenth Planet).

But however the Eleventh Doctor meets his end, (be it from tiredness, cyber-zap or falling over a brick), we can be sure he’ll be ‘upgraded’ into Capaldi form on 25th December 2013. The moment has been prepared for, but it’s not as far away as it seems…

(Thanks to Doctor Who TV.)


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