Doctor Who chief Steven Moffat and a Dalek.

Doctor Who Chief Praises Smith and Capaldi

Peter Capaldi is coming. Matt Smith is leaving. Steven Moffat is staying put, so the Doctor Who showrunner has recently chatted about the forthcoming changes in the TARDIS…

On Matt Smith’s portrayal of the famous Time Lord, Moffat was reflective and complimentary.

I think The Eleventh Hour was such an extraordinary debut. Everybody for a year of poor Matt Smith’s life had been saying, ‘total mistake. He’s far too young.’ Then he came in and he was brilliant. Vincent and The Doctor was also such a lovely episode and I was thrilled Richard Curtis was able to write for the show.

There’s the physical comedy that Matt has brought and of course fish fingers and custard. I think his relationship with his own TARDIS in The Doctor’s Wife was gorgeous.

But how does he feel about upcoming Doctor Peter Capaldi?
He’s one of the best actors in the country and is very beloved. I was at the BAFTAs shortly before we were contemplating Peter and heard the cheer he got from the audience. Nobody has a bad thing to say about him and that’s not a minor issue when it comes to casting a Doctor. They’ve got to be lovely. And he’s a huge fan of Doctor Who.

So we asked and he was incredibly excited to come and audition. We didn’t tell him that he was the only person auditioning because that would be oddly pressuring.

Let’s hope Peter Capaldi’s first full episode is as definitive as Matt’s!


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