Will Doctor Who Return To The Big Screen?

Could Doctor Who be heading back to cinema screens sometime soon?

At last week’s BFI celebration of the Eleventh Doctor era, showrunner, Steven Moffat said:

We’ve noticed [The Day of the Doctor] did well [in cinemas]. It’s great to see [Doctor Who] up on the big screen. Television just handed cinema its own arse.

So is this a hint that the TARDIS might be seen on the big screen again? There are certainly a few individuals (we call ‘em ‘fans’) who would want the show to be in Odeon and Vue complexes nationwide, and after the 50th anniversary special reportedly took over £1.7 million in more than 1,500 cinemas (not to mention further screenings throughout the world), BBC Worldwide should definitely be looking into expanding into that medium!

The Day of the Doctor starred Matt Smith, David Tennant, and John Hurt as the Doctor (ish), Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald, and Billie Piper as the Bad Wolf… Oh, and some Daleks, Zygons, Queen Elizabeth I, and the UNified Intelligence Taskforce. But you know all that already, right? The Huffington Post’s Jody Thompson said:

The ultimately genius thing about seeing it at the cinema though was that all this was a shared experience of the kind I’ve never had before in all my years of watching Doctor Who.

Everyone there understood and loved the show and felt privileged to be there (no mums tutting and rolling their eyes at your love of it), which you never really get when going to see just a film. The atmosphere in there was incredible and the assembled mass got every single script nuance with much oohs, ahhs, chuckles and spontaneous clapping.

In fact, the only thing missing was Tom Baker offering Matt Smith a jelly baby before he shuffled out of the gallery.

So, can you see Doctor Who returning to cinemas? The smart money must be on yes!

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