Friday News: McGann, Hines, The Pandorica and a Tour Around Glasgow!

Today’s newsblast features multiple Doctors in discussion, the opening of a box, Radiophonic Workshop vs The Rolling Stones and a sex scene that will make you wish you didn’t have eyes.

Two Doctors and an Evil Genius

No, I don’t mean the Master! I mean The Moff alongside the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann and  his recently discovered successor, John Hurt who recently appeared on stage together at LFCC to stage a rather epic Q&A session that covers everything from McGann’s thoughts about his regeneration, Moffat’s plan to close down the internet (starting with Twitter!) to John Hurt’s thoughts on Whovians and everyone’s musings on new Doctor Capaldi. Yes, even directly answering the question of if either Doctor will get their own spin off!

Team Radiophonic are hitting the road and the vinyl

They may have had there doors closed over 15 years ago but that isn’t stopping the folks from the Radiophonic Workshop, the people who provided not only the shows iconic title track, but also key elements such as the vocal effects for the Daleks and the dematerialization sound of the TARDIS, from getting out there and grabbing that brass ring (and then making it sound like an intergalactic armada is bearing down on you).

The team are currently working on a new album, titled Electricity and can regularly be found as various festivals across the country, and not only that they make they claim that they provide better value than some other acts: “We travel with one lorry and have as much equipment on stage as the Rolling Stones but they have five lorries. I expect four carry clothes, groupies and autographs,” jokes Mark Ayres. But the proof of their talents is in the names of the folks lining up to work with them, including Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera.

The Pandorica is Open… For Business

The Pandorica Opens cafe

Some clever so-and-so has gone and done what we have all dreamed of and opened a Doctor Who themed eatery in New York, and cleverly named it The Pandorica!

Boasting everything from Van Gogh’s exploding TARDIS mural to sunflowers on every table, no element has been left out; even the menu includes such items as mini corn dogs, called K-9’s and Madame Pompadour cake. They have even gone on the record as saying they will be adding a crack in the wall!

Highlander becomes Outlander

Jamie - The Moonbase

Former companion and all round legend Fraser Hines has signed on to play a part in the fast rising hit show Outlander. The twist in the tale is that Diana Gabaldon, the author of the Outlander book series, has said that she was inspired to pen the books while watching an episode of Doctor Who featuring Hines as Scottish lad Jamie McCrimmon – hence the inclusion of the character Jamie Fraser perhaps? Hines will be playing the role of Sir Gordon Fletcher, the English warden of Wentworth Prison in Scotland.

The show itself is pretty timey-wimey itself focusing on a world war two combat nurse who time travels to 1743 Scotland, where she falls for a Scottish warrior, think of it was a variation on Goodnight Sweetheart.

Own your own TARDIS

A genuine, original blue police box is going under the hammer at auction and if you happen to have a spare £15,000-£25,000, then this Grade B listed building in Edinburgh could be yours. While aesthetically different to the classic Time ship, this one does come complete with planning permission to turn it into a mini cafe (though it’s not bigger on the inside). Anyone else think that the folks who opened up The Pandoria could be missing a franchise opportunity here?

Take a Tour of the Doctor’s Glasgow

Picture Shows:  Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

If you take a trip to Glasgow you can now add to your to do list the Doctor Who/Peter Capaldi tour that the city have set up to coincide with the return of the show and promote the city to a new audience.

The tour itself takes in some pretty impressive sights including the riverside mural of the giant Dalek which sits at the bottom of the River Clyde as well as a host of Peter Capaldi’s old haunts like the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Glasgow School of Art where the new Doctor studied graphic design or the high school where a fresh-faced Peter set up his very own Dr Who Fan Club.

Scott Taylor, Chief Executive of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, commented: “As the nation gears up for Doctor Who mania we wanted to create this guide to showcase Glasgow’s long and warm relationship with all things Whovian.

And Finally, Prepare to Bleach your Eyeballs

A video has appeared that combats the question what is scarier than the Silence, and by God, have they gone above and beyond the call of duty!

This top 10 list includes such nightmares as JNT’s oversized 3D glasses for the EastEnders crossover, Ian Levine and his rants, Mandrels on Wogan and Tom Baker on the shopping channel QVC. But the most disturbing thing – the terror of terrors – is footage from a Reeltime production showing Sixth Doctor Colin Baker and companion Nicola Bryant aka Peri engaging in some steamy action to the dulcet tones of Marvin Gaye.

I may never sleep again.

As always, share your thoughts, rants and confessions below and get your chat on!


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