Comic Book Character Canonized! [SPOILER]

Breaking news of a very spoilery nature here folks, if you dont want to know about future episodes and events contained therein I would really stop reading this article.

If on the other hand you have no problem with knowing things in advance then read on as this is kind of a biggie, well if you’re a Whovian who knows his wilderness years and comics lore at least.

This is a story that has broken thanks to a upload of a single freeze frame of footage from the leaked episode five of series eight and contains a character from the show’s comic book series, which makes that character canonical now.

Spoiler-phobes all left now?

No one else wants to leave while they have the chance?

Onwards then.

Dalek Killer

Yes, everyone’s favourite one man Dalek killing machine Abslom Daak will be in episode five of the new series, amongst a line up of the Doctors enemies from the past.


For those of you who don’t know who this man is, allow me to offer a little history lesson.

In the mid-26th century, Daak was convicted of “twenty-three charges of murder, pillage, piracy, massacre and other crimes too horrible to bring to the public attention”. At the close of his trial, he was given the choice between vaporisation or exile as a Dalek Killer. He chose the latter. Out of a selection of many weapons, his choice was (and continued to be) a chainsword. Daak was transported to the primitive planet Mazam in the Dalek Empire, the Humanoid rulers of which appeased the Daleks occupying their world. He destroyed a Dalek task force single-handedly and rescued the Princess Taiyin, with whom he fell in love. She decided to strike out against her masters. She was killed by a Dalek survivor that Daak had overlooked, leaving Daak grief-stricken and vowing to exterminate every Dalek in the galaxy.

And thus Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer was born.


Created by the writer Steve Moore and artist Steve Dillon, Abslom Daak first appeared in a strip in Doctor Who Weekly, published by Marvel UK and by god did he make an impact, while the strip retained the moral code of the TV show ensuring that the good guys were good and the bad guys bad, Daak didn’t so much cross the line as blow up the line and saunter through the ashes. Having not only slaughtered endless amounts of Daleks, he was also a member of a ‘super team’ called the Star Tigers who’s members also included a Draconian Prince and an Ice Warrior, though Daak was the only member who made a big enough impact to warrant his own collected edition book, and rightly so.


But this isn’t really Daak’s first appearance in the show, some of his more iconic lines have been uttered by non other than the Doctor himself. A variant of Daak’s statement “Whatcha gonna do now, big shot? Suck me to death?” appears in Dalek, and “I’m gonna kill every last stinking Dalek in the galaxy!” is similar to the Ninth Doctor’s promise at the closing of Bad Wolf. Daak’s story was never completed, sadly, but he made a brief return to comics in Vworp Vworp! issue 2.

So can we expect a full appearance from the Dalek killer at some point? Is this a tease for further adventures? Or is it simply one of the finest Easter eggs ever? I for one would relish seeing Daak appear in the show, especially with Capaldi’s new more morally ambiguous Doctor, possibly leading to a spin off series? What, a guy can dream.

What are your thoughts, is the canonizing of Daak a good thing or not? Does it open the way for more characters to turn up or should it be a simple nod to the old guard among the fans? As always we want to know what you thing about this, so let us know below.

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