Thursday News: Fear & Phone Hacking in The Whoniverse

Faster than travelling through the inner workings of a clock, cooler than having Theta Sigma as your nickname, and better than getting a mindscan from The Teller, it’s the Kasterborous News Blast!

In today’s explosion of fantastical facts and figures, actor Jimmy Vee becomes The Caretaker, an Australian critic praises Series 8, a fan gets noticed for her make-up wizardry, and Christopher Eccleston sees the end of a scandal!  And remember, the only thing you have to fear is your constant companion!

Fear And Doctoring Down Under

In an article in The Guardian, reviewer Jazz Tremlow (I wish that were my name!) says that he is loving Doctor Who again. After not being a regular viewer during the Tennant-Smith years, he absolutely loved Listen and is “constantly terrified at the new ways Doctor Who finds to get under [his] skin.” Tremlow also thinks that Jenna Coleman is “excellent” as Clara, but saves his highest praise for that certain actor playing the Twelfth Doctor: “Capaldi’s performance… is fast pushing him into the British treasure file in my brain usually reserved for the likes of David Attenborough and Helen Mirren (for next Doctor, please!). Superb.”

Now that’s what I call high praise, indeed!

The Face (Paint) Of Boe-Linda

A young artist from Newcastle has gained some notoriety for her make-up talents, including a call from the makers of Doctor Who!

Belinda Maines is an amateur make-up artist who likes to buy cheap face-paints and use them to do different designs on, well, her face. Some of the designs are amazingly intricate, while others (like characters from Super Mario Bros.) are just a lot of fun. Skulls and cat faces seem to be her specialty. Ms. Maines posts her work on Instagram, where it apparently caught the eye of someone from the Doctor Who offices.  “They got in touch to say how much they liked my work,” she says. “I would love to do make-up for one [Who episode] of a zombie movie – that would be incredible.”

Belinda Maines’ work is pretty cool… but it does beg the question – especially after the fan-designed titles for Series 8 – is Steven Moffat patrolling the internet for amateur talent? And shouldn’t he be writing or playing with his action figures instead?

Vee For Vendetta

Doctor Who

Actor Jimmy Vee, who has played several alien roles in NuWho, including the Moxx of Balhoon (The End of the World) and Bannakaffalatta (Voyage of the Damned), will be keeping his appearances streak alive as he menaces the Twelfth Doctor in the upcoming episode, The Caretaker.

“Peter [Capaldi] is great – I got on with him really well, with us both coming from Scotland, you automatically have that link,” Vee says. “He’s playing it quite naturally – it just feels like he’s playing himself and not changing anything to become the Doctor… None of the Doctors I’ve worked with are trying to be something they’re not – Chris, David and Matt, and now Peter.” And although working with the Doctors is great, sharing scenes with a certain Australian pop star might have been his biggest thrill: “I liked getting engaged to Kylie [Minogue, playing Astrid Peth] more than destroying the planet – but it’s funny how some of the fans think I really did get engaged to her. People still ask me about that at signings.”

The Name of the Doctor

According to Wales Online, the city of Cardiff posted “a shortfall of £62,000 in the major projects budget” partially due to being unable to secure the naming rights of the Roath Lock home of the Doctor Who Experience. It was hoped that a sponsor (such as a national name-brand) would jump at the chance to see their name advertised on the building as “the council and BBC Worldwide offered a £200,000 package for a brand to get naming rights”. Did anyone call Coca-Cola or McDonalds? Surely the Doctor loves to wash down a Big Mac with an ice-cold Coke from time to time…?!

The TARDIS Phone Rings No More

And finally, on a serious note, Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston has been named as one of the first individuals to be compensated in The Mirror phone hacking scandal.

Eccleston and (appropriately) nine others will be compensated for having their privacy infringed upon by the newspaper group: “Trinity Mirror is understood to have set aside just under £10m to cover the costs of dealing with claims of phone hacking, a sum that includes the £4m settlement fund announced in July this year.” Obviously a private person, Eccleston probably feels less than fantastic about being involved in the scandal at all.

Well, Kasterborites, that’s it for today’s News Blast!  Keep watching this space for more news, and keep watching under your bed… just in case!


Drew has been a fan of Doctor Who ever since he flipped through the channels late one night and saw a girl blowing up an army of funny robot men with nothing but a slingshot and some old coins. He currently lives somewhere in the woods of Missouri with his beautiful wife Barbara.

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