Download The Minister of Chance – for Free!

You’ve got only 8 days to back The Minister of Chance, an astonishing project helmed by Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, and Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, and to get you in the mood for a full movie, you can now download the entire audio series for free!

The Minister of Chance is a unique ongoing drama with an incredible array of stars (many with connections to Doctor Who), made possible only by its dedicated and generous fanbase. And they’re now working on making a movie – but they need your help! You can pledge allegiance to the Minister through their Kickstarter page and help them reach their aim of £100,000.

So what’s it all about? Here’s what your money’s going towards:

In a world not our own, Ambassador Durian (Paul McGann) of the technologically advanced country of Sezuan arrives in the sleepy kingdom of Tanto. Charming and handsome, he jovially offers the King a pact of friendship, then explains that if the King declines, his population will be annihilated.

Thus, at a swoop, the slithery Durian conquers Tanto singlehanded and becomes a hero to his people, to the consternation of their hapless leader, The Witch Prime (Sylvester McCoy). The Sezians worship magic and bring their hatred of science to Tanto, where, under the occupation, all scientists are imprisoned. 

In this medieval, newly-conquered nation lives the feral Kitty (Lauren Crace). She starts fights and avoids personal hygiene whilst sidelining in bar work. 

One rainy night, a cloaked stranger (Julian Wadham) arrives at the Inn asking loudly after a fugitive scientist (Jenny Agutter). As this is extremely dangerous under the Sezian occupation, Kitty’s curiosity is piqued.

 You can get a full taste of the film over on the Kickstarter page. Here’s the teaser:

The full audio series (comprising of a prologue and five episodes) has a fantastic cast: aside from McGann and McCoy, there’s been Life on Mars’ Philip Glenister; Paul Darrow (Timelash); Sophie Aldred (Ace); Tamsin Greig (The Long Game); and Kemi-bo Jacobs (Hide).

Download the full series, entirely free, now.

And once you’ve done that, please do back the full project: we’ve only got until Hallowe’en to show our support!


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