Friday News: Games, Disneyland and the Perks of Being Perkins

From Disneyland to doughnuts, this News Blast has it covered!  So, put on that scarf, dust off that fez, and grab some Jelly Babies… it’s time for action!

The Long Game


Are you a big fan of Doctor Who, but wish you could control the characters? Does not having Steven Moffat-like powers get you down? And hey, do you love to play videogames, too? Then Indie Gala has got a deal for you!

The company is offering all five of the online Doctor Who games in one convenient bundle! According to Wired, “The Indie Gala ‘Monday Bundle’ offers all five episodes, centred on Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams. The pay-what-you-want bundle can be had for as little as $1.99 (about £1.30)…” And since the five adventures are no longer available on the BBC website, this is a steal of a deal!

I’ll bet you Daleks to doughnuts that they’re delicious!

It’s not every day that there’s any Doctor Who news coming from Kansas, much less delicious and tasty news! A shop in Witchita called Donut Who is offering Who-inspired doughnuts on Saturdays. The tasty treats go by names like “Lime Lord”, “Sonic Bluedriver”, and “Bad Wolf”, and are decorated in fitting fashion.  (The shop also offers a variety of coffees, teas, and smoothies, but there’s no word yet if any of those are also inspired by everyone’s favorite Time Lord.) If ever there was a story idea for a full Simpsons-Doctor Who crossover, this would be it! Mmmmm… Who-licious doooooughnutssss…!

Skinner frankly loves Doctor Who

The companion who might have been, Frank Skinner (playing Perkins in Series 8’s Mummy on the Orient Express), recently told Digital Spy that he loved being in his favorite TV show and would love to come back!

Mummy on the Orient Express 3

“Anyone who’s in Doctor Who always gets asked if they would come back, and I can’t imagine many people, with the possible exception of Christopher Eccleston, who wouldn’t… Of course, if they said to me, ‘Would you like to be in Doctor Who for the rest of your life’, I’d probably sign on for that.” And Skinner genuinely seems touched to have been asked to appear on the show: “Steven Moffat sent me an email that said, ‘You are now a personal friend of Doctor Who and nothing can change that’. Even saying that sends a tingle down my neck and spinal cord.” Say, if Clara really isn’t leaving until partway through Series 9, the Doctor could do worse than having Perkins ride with him for a few adventures…

Something for the wall of your TARDIS

Those eye-catching posters that accompanied each episode of Series 8 will soon be available as limited edition prints. Designed by Stuart Manning, and commissioned by the Radio Times, each poster was a retro-tastic symbolic teaser for each new Twelfth Doctor adventure.

According to the Radio Times, “The prints, produced by BIG Chief Studios, will be available as a series of 12 in a bespoke string-and-washer envelope, complete with cover letter and certificate of authenticity, and also as single limited edition art prints. The 12-print Doctor Who: The Retro Poster Collection – Series 8 is priced at £49.99, with the single art prints at £49.99 each.” From Deep Breath to Death in Heaven, they are now available to pre-order!

Amy goes across the Pond to Disneyland

Karen Gillan - Disneyland

Apparently trying to answer the age-old question of why the Doctor has never landed the TARDIS at the most fun place on Earth, Karen Gillan was recently photographed enjoying her birthday at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Wearing a princess-like tiara and a giant pair of dark sunglasses (like no one would notice her!), the six-foot-tall flame-haired star seemingly wandered the park and took a ride on a rollercoaster. Maybe she was trying out the Pirates of the Caribbean ride to see if she wants to try for a part in the next movie? (She could probably use something to fall back on, in case, y’know, that whole Guardians of the Galaxy thing doesn’t work out…)

Will she stay or will she go?  It’s Impossible to tell!

With speculation and rumors still running rampant on whether Jenna Coleman will be staying on after the upcoming Yuletide special, Last Christmas, the Radio Times has tallied up just how many episodes the Clara Oswald actress would need to become the longest-serving companion of NuWho. And according to their numbers, “if Jenna Coleman wants to become the Doctor’s longest-serving companion since the show returned in 2005, she’ll need to stay until episode ten [of Series 9], to notch up a total of 34 episodes.” This would edge out Karen Gillan’s 33 episodes as Amy Pond-Williams and Billie Piper’s 31-ish appearances as Rose Tyler.  I can already hear the debates a’brewin’…

And on that note, Kasterborites, our journey for today has sadly come to an end.  But don’t despair–keep a watchful eye for the next installment of the mighty Kasterborous News Blast!


Drew has been a fan of Doctor Who ever since he flipped through the channels late one night and saw a girl blowing up an army of funny robot men with nothing but a slingshot and some old coins. He currently lives somewhere in the woods of Missouri with his beautiful wife Barbara.

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