Watch Lost in the Dark Dimension (If You Dare) On YouTube

Lost in the Dark Dimension – also known as Into the Dark Dimension and more simply as The Dark Dimension – was a failed 30th anniversary production of Doctor Who which had an intrigueing storyline that restored the Fourth Doctor to glory as the lead character, killed the Seventh Doctor and made a mockery of the Third, Fifth and Sixth Doctors.

We’ve talked about this bizarre production, which was mounted by BBC Enterprises (later BBC Worldwide) rather than BBC One as a straight-to-video celebration, in at least one previous podKast (in which we concluded that actually, Doctor Who dodged a bullet) and you can get a feel as to why the celebratory episode was dropped by reading Jean-Marc Lofficier’s The Nth Doctor and the most recent edition of Richard Bignell’s Nothing at the End of the Lane.

There is something of the Holy Grail about this episode, and while Shada is the real “unfinished episode of Doctor Who” there is certainly a lot of interest from certain areas of fandom (mainly those left disappointed by The Dark Dimension‘s cancellation and subsequent replacement with Dimensions in Time). As a result there are several “reconstructed” versions of The Dark Dimension floating around, such as this animated effort, complete with (non genuine) voice actors, recently released in its entirety on YouTube (it is worth noting that Ian Levine has also done a version of The Dark Dimension, but this has so far been kept private).

If you dare, you can watch this version of The Dark Dimension below, split into four parts. Keep in mind that the episode was intended as a 60 minute one-off, intended to celebrate 30 years of Doctor Who. Forget the production values, you need to watch this within the context of Doctor Who‘s 30th anniversary, a celebration of a show no longer on air. Does Lost in the Dark Dimension do the show justice?

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Did you make it to the end? How do you feel about Lost in the Dark Dimension now?

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