Doctor Who Series 9 News Just In: Missy Returns! (Yay/Groan)

We’ve heard this morning that Missy will return in Doctor Who Series 9, confirming previous suggestions by Steven Moffat. Say what you like about Michelle Gomez’ portrayal (and we think she’s fab, regardless), Missy was a divisive element in Doctor Who during 2014, so the news that her return is confirmed will, perhaps, upset a few fans while thrilling others still.

Gomez’ casting does add a bit of colour to what we know about Series 9, however, so hopefully this news will spearhead the announcement of further names.

We’ll let her tell you the good news…


Having spent some time reading the words of the anti-Missy groups online, it wouldn’t surprise us to learn that some fans will actively avoid the character. This is a shame, as Michelle Gomez did a great job turning the Master into a scheming, barmy Mistress in Series 8, so we can – despite her “death” – expect something similar in Series 9.

What do you think? Is Missy so fine that you want her back?


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