Long Lost Synths, Too Much Wine, Portmeirion & Broadchurch Pastiche

It’s time to ramp it up to eleven as we bring you another ear-shattering News Blast! You’ll be screaming for mercy as we present news of a classic synthesiser brought back to life! Howl as you learn of a Torchwood star’s sozzled demise! Snort with laughter at a Doctor’s self-mockery! Go ‘oooh!” as you learn about a great Welsh screening event! And finally, get that nice warm glow feeling at a father’s pride – all in the Kasterborous News Blast!

The Sea Devils‘ Synth Restored

A classic bit of electronic kit of a type used to create the score for The Sea Devils has been brought back to life in Australia. Just 30 Synthi 100 modular synthesizers were made by Electronic Music Studio so it’s an incredibly rare machine, but one has been restored by Leslie Craythorn at the Melbourne Conservatorium. Leslie worked painstakingly to dismantle and clean all the delicate workings “using specialty lubricants” (stop sniggering at the back) and an “ultrasonic bath” and it’s now in good enough shape to feature in a concert next month. Rather like the Sea Devils, the machine had lain dormant for many years before being revived to reclaim its rightful place on Earth. The Sea Devils score, created by those technical wizards at the Radiophonic Workshop, is one of those of-its-time, wince-inducing classics that is not easily forgotten and doesn’t exactly make for easy listening, but it’s still great to have one of these machines back in operation.

Let’s Drink To Tosh

Midsomer Murders, that old stalwart of the ITV schedules which still performs bafflingly well in the viewing figures, featured some notable Doctor Who alumni in its guest cast this week. Naoko Mori, the much missed Toshiko Sato or Torchwood’s resident boffin, played wine expert Nadia Simons who met an untimely end, yet another victim of that part of England’s devastatingly high crime rate. The episode, titled “A Vintage Murder” (cos it was all about wine, see) also featured Tenth Doctor’s Mum (or the woman in white if you prefer) Claire Bloom as Matilda Stowe.

You can catch the episode on ITV Player for a further 28 days.

Broadchurch Nothing To Do With Doctor Who, Honest

If you only watch one Youtube clip today make it this one, a hilarious piece of audio recorded by David Tennant for Absolute Radio which has now been set to a perfectly compiled clips compilation. Tennant, Alec Hardy in the hit ITV drama Broadchurch, sends up his character’s habits of shouting, popping pills all the time and walking on the beach a lot. We’ve already commented on the links Broadchurch has with Doctor Who in our look at the crime drama’s second series but the Tenth Doctor is having none of it, despite all evidence to the contrary. Great stuff.

Wales Screening Event Unites Doctor Who and The Prisoner

This news may well reach you too late to make it along to the event (unless you have a, well, time machine…) but the evening of Friday 20th February saw a great-looking double header at Theatr Harlech in Wales with screenings of both The Masque of Mandragora and The Prisoner episode Checkmate. The event, part of BFI’s Sci Fi season, marks the important role Portmeirion played in both shows as a unique location, doubling as it did for renaissance-era Italy in Doctor Who and the mysterious village in the classic Patrick McGoohan drama. Fourth Doctor-era producer Philip Hinchcliffe, always worth listening to at this kind of thing, was to appear in a Q&A session, as well as guests with Prisoner links.

The Doctor’s Father Thinks He’s Done Well

Proudest dad of the moment has to be Sandy McDonald who has spoken of his joy at his boy David Tennant’s Special Achievement Award at this year’s National Television Awards. Retired Church of Scotland Moderator Sandy, who made a moving appearance in the montage screened before a stunned Tennant at the ceremony, is clearly bursting with pride at his son’s achievements, even though he tried to talk his son out of acting: “David’s mum and I tried to persuade him to do something in life that would be more permanent than acting, that would give him a longer career.” All we can say, sir, is we’re pleased that didn’t work…

Join us next time for another News Blast! Be seeing you!


Jonathan has followed the Doctor's adventures since the late Pertwee era, and he isn't about to stop now. A charity worker from Hull, he enjoys following Hull City's fortunes, listening to Bruce Springsteen and collecting all manner of Doctor Who ephemera. He blogs about Doctor Who merchandise at www.mydoctorwhostuff.co.uk.

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