Doctor in Distress: Help Fund Colin Baker’s New Sci-Fi Project

Colin Baker’s Last Man on Earth is seeking funding. The project, which has over £2,700 of their £10,000 goal in three days, is a twist on the modern “end of the world” tale taking place before the final days of civilisation. The cunningly named “pre-apocalyptic” short film is being funded in a similar vain to Sophie Aldred’s Strangeness in Space, which was backed by 615 people and surpassed its initial funding target of £15,000.

The sci-fi thriller tells the story of a virologist researching a cure for cancer. The Indiegogo synopsis declares that the film follows “(their) decisions and their consequences” and is “a story told about the future in the present day”. Hardcore Doctor Who fans may remember the BBV direct-to-video production The Airzone Solution, which also featured Colin Baker as a man of science on the trail of a government conspiracy. But it also featured a love scene between Colin and Nicola Bryant, so let’s try to forget about that one.

“Jack Levy and Darren Langlands have written a brilliant script,” says Colin. “I’m looking forward to filming it. I hope you enjoy watching it.”

An extra incentive to donate to the film’s budget comes in the form not only of rewards depending on how much you give to the production team (which includes copies of the shooting script, a signed copy of the DVD by Colin Baker himself, and the chance to appear alongside Baker in the film), but also in the guise of a charitable donation to Cancer Research UK and The Christie.

The campaign ends on 17th July.


Billy grew up during the merky depths of the Wilderness Years. With nothing but a single copy of 'Dragonfire' loaned from the local library to keep him company, five year old Billy sought out other ways to entertain his feverish Doctor Who addiction. Billy studies Television Production at University of Gloucestershire and sites 'The Curse of Peledon' and 'Inferno' as two of his favourite Doctor Who stories of all time. You can find more musings on Doctor Who on Billy's personal Twitter and on batmanmarch's YouTube channel where he appears every so often.

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