Moffat Doesn’t Know Why Blink Is “a fan favorite”

Go figure. Eight years after it aired in Doctor Who Series 3, Steven Moffat claims that he still doesn’t know why Blink – written and broadcast when he was just a scriptwriter – is so popular.

We reckon it’s because it’s a compelling script that doesn’t get distracted with muddy story arcs and doesn’t have the time to look at itself and say “aren’t I clever?” Interviewed for The Doctor’s Finest (Saturdays at 8/7c) the now-Doctor Who showrunner says:

“I don’t know why ‘Blink’ is such a fan favorite. … I had no idea there was anything special about it, honestly.”

Thankfully, Moffat-era script editor Derek Ritchie has some ideas. “You’ve got mystery. You’ve got enigma. You’ve got great character. And then of course, there’s Weeping Angels.”

Ah yes, the Weeping Angels. It’s been a while since we last encountered them, isn’t it? Are they due a return, or are they best enjoyed in Blink? And why do you think Blink is so well-liked/


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