What Do the Doctor Who Producers Think of Maisie Williams?

In the most recent snippet for the YouTube/BBC Online teaser series Ask The Execs…, show-runner Steven Moffat and producer Brian Minchin answered a question relating to Maisie Williams’ part in the upcoming series.

Clearly adopting a tactic that Moffat has perfected over recent years (what I like to call, the “I couldn’t possibly comment”-responce), the pair spoke about her casting and revealed it was Minchin’s idea to approach Williams.

“I mean obviously I’d seen her in Game of Thrones, but what really blew me away was a film created for Channel 4 called Cyberbully. And it was just Maisie on screen for about 80-minutes(…)and it was just captivating.”

A character penned by Moffat in the upcoming so-called two parter The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived inspired Minchin to contact Williams.

“It just gelled and we watched all of her stuff and were delighted when she said yes!”

Clearly, the age divide between Williams’ and Capaldi, and their apparent on-screen chemistry really excites the producers. As Moffat goes on to say;

“It’s like a grand old Victorian actor acting opposite a YouTuber. It’s like all of entertainment is bound by the two of them!”

A lovely sentiment. Let’s just hope it translates on our telly boxes, and doesn’t bring back memories of John Nathan-Turner’s many attempts at stunt casting during his tenure as producer. Given the massive push on social media to alert fans of both Doctor Who and the smash-hit Game of Thrones, it’s clear they’re parading Maisie as a key guest character for the season. To me, it has come across as a little desperate. The Doctor Who Twitter page looks to have been waving its little hands in the air yelling, “LOOK AT US! LOOK – LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENING! WE’VE GOT ANOTHER POP CULTURE ICON HERE, TOO!”. I don’t know. It’s all a bit cynical to me. No doubt Maisie Williams is a tremendous actor. I just think her casting could have been handled with a bit more tact.

What do you guys think? Are you excited by the prospect of a Stark appearing in our favourite show?


Billy grew up during the merky depths of the Wilderness Years. With nothing but a single copy of 'Dragonfire' loaned from the local library to keep him company, five year old Billy sought out other ways to entertain his feverish Doctor Who addiction. Billy studies Television Production at University of Gloucestershire and sites 'The Curse of Peledon' and 'Inferno' as two of his favourite Doctor Who stories of all time. You can find more musings on Doctor Who on Billy's personal Twitter and on batmanmarch's YouTube channel where he appears every so often.

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