Jenna Coleman explains Doctor Who to Conan O'Brien

Doctor Who‘s a weird old show isn’t it? There’s so many ridiculous concepts that we’ve just accepted for so long that you kind of forget just how strange it looks to someone not really in the know.

Jenna Coleman was recently on CONAN discussing her leaving Doctor Who and what she may or may not have taken from set. Also discussed was how insane Doctor Who is. Conan, who doesn’t seem particularly well versed in Who terminology (referring to the Doctor as Doctor Who and companions as assistants), brings up how the immense, infinite story potential of Who, which can apparently even include Santa Claus himself!

Jenna, who after three seasons of Doctor Who madness is desensitised to the outlandishness of it all, casually reaffirms:

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, we met Santa. That’s a normal day for me. We time travelled and I think just kinda hooked up along the way, decided to go meet Santa.”

In explaining the shows madness, she used the age old proverb:

“I think the key to the show is do not apply logic, ever.”

Yeah, that sounds about right. And isn’t that fantastic?!

David Power


David's list of favourite things consists solely of two items, Doctor Who and talking about Doctor Who. Oh, and video games. Also Twin Peaks. Actually his list is far longer than he initially thought.

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