Capaldi & Hurt Support Junior Doctors: This Is Why You Should Too


Hello Doctor Who Fandom!

The lovely Supreme Editors (‘ello Andy and Phil) have allowed me to pen a few lines about a collaboration between Junior Doctors and THE Doctor late last month…

I’m a Junior Doctor, which means anything before a consultant (lots of us are in our 30s with families). I work in the NHS which is the only place Doctors can train in the UK. Recently I and my colleagues have felt as though we’re fighting for the future of our profession in this country leading to the first strikes in over 40 years…

I’m also a MASSIVE Doctor Who fan. A couple of weekends ago I tore up my bucket list when the Doctor (!!) took time out from saving planets to help out the UK’s Junior Doctors.

Peter Capaldi volunteered his time on a Sunday afternoon to lend support to the #WearYourNHS campaign, founded by (my mate) Dr Lauren Gavaghan. The campaign is raising awareness of the contract that the government is threatening to force onto UK doctors which we believe will be unsafe for patients and unfair on medical staff. And yup that’s me checking on his heart(s) – I can confirm both are in fine working order and soundly in the right place(s)!

Doctors (both terrestrial and from further afield) are concerned because the government wants to remove safeguards on over-working medics (tired doctors = dangerous mistakes) and to get us to work longer hours for less pay depending on our specialism. For me, it brings THIS to mind!

On top of this, the government has misrepresented scientific data in the media to justify changes we think are unjustifiable. And we’re not alone. Peter Capaldi has voiced his support for the NHS before and came to stand alongside Junior Doctors for the #WearYourNHS campaign in specially-designed Vivienne Westwood T-Shirts… And, Kasterborites, it was glorious.

Surrounded by skeletons, scrubs, and various medical paraphernalia, Capaldi was going Full-Eyebrow in front of the camera, posing with a syringe and a stethoscope. He paused, looked thoughtful then asked for a SECOND stethoscope. The Doctor had arrived.

First off, I can confirm a few snippets:-

  1. After a series of poses involving surgical masks and stethoscopes, I can confirm he has two hearts. That’s me in the photo up top. I can confirm both hearts are in fine working order and soundly in the right places.
  2. The beard will not make it into Series 10.
  3. The search for the next companion is ongoing (!).
  4. Capaldi is an absolute gentleman. He was charming, very generous with his time and talked to the Junior Doctors present about their concerns regarding the new contract.

And as you can see, Capaldi isn’t the only Time Lord to support our efforts. The War Doctor himself, Sir John Hurt is sticking up for the worthy cause. Fortunately, Capaldi and Hurt didn’t do a photo together, so we’re not in immediate danger of the time differential shorting out and causing any further disturbance.

There’ll be more of Capaldi’s photo shoot alongside Junior Doctors shortly, so “Like” the page on Facebook and follow the campaign on Twitter too.

If you’d like to know more about why doctors think these changes need to be fought, take a look at these videos explaining what the changes would mean and why we’re setting the HADS on the NHS…

This chap explains things better than I can:

Here the strike action, which is taking place today, is explained:

Finally – to any of you in the UK – you can be certain that emergency care is provided 24/7 wherever you are, free at the point of delivery. Hospitals are OPEN on weekends, the emergency service is FULLY STAFFED and the worst thing you can do is delay getting treatment.

Without presuming your views on healthcare, if you do want to show your support for the Junior Doctors you can find out more and pick up a T-Shirt designed by fashion legend Vivienne Westwood, another supporter of the medics, at and post a selfie! If you’re using Twitter, use the hashtags #WearYourNHS and #JuniorDoctorsStrike to show your support.

Thank you, Kasterborites!

Photos © Sarah Sheldrake,

By James Main.


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